[About me]

I’m a Digital Marketing Trainer based in New Delhi, (Now I Live in Bengaluru) India, learned skills like Search Engine Marketing, Online Business Management, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Business Branding, Lead Generation, Conversion Optimization, E-Commerce, Client Relationship Management, Email Marketing, Server Management, Content Management System… the list goes on 🙂     I consider myself a student in all aspects of my life as I never wish to stop learning…..!

I liked this industry and happy with Digital Marketing and a firm believer in starting each project with 3W (What is the purpose, What result can be achieved and when it can be achieved)???. Because I also think  ” A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all“. – Michael LeBoeuf 

Since 2011, I am working in digital marketing and the journey is very interesting in this 8 Years I did a lot of experiments in terms of Work, Money & Freedom.  I started digital marketing to pay my college fee in the beginning, passionately turned to Blogger, Digital Marketing Executive, Freelancer, Startup Guy, and then Trainer & Speaker. You can view my master digital marketing course and fast track course for busy business owners and working professionals.

I run multiple websites & blogs on different topics from my living room and it is all easy for me to manage with the use of advanced technology called automation 🙂

I am always there for you: if you are a student at the confusional stage of your career & future, a working professional stuck in a range of salary/income, a housewife/mom wanted to earn money from the comfort of your home OR a business owner struggling for new business leads/enquires or to increase your sales and revenue.


My Forte Is: Training & Public Speaking, Creating DM Strategies, Lead Generation, Website Planning, Personal Branding & Self-Management

Delve into your soul and there seek our life’s buried tracks; Will you not be mine? Then be not mine, be your own, right! – SIR ALLAMA IQBAL

On the other side, you’ll find me at the nearby shopping mall or in a local street park or discussing the philosophy of life, eschatology, and about the latest technology with friends I’m also fond of curating philosophical poetries with the translation which you can find here. You might find me locked in my room planning and implementing personal growth strategies on the weekends or cheering friends. In early 2018, I backpacked the Mountain side of India. I dream of backpacking the rest of the world, but one country at a time. 🙂

Honest and actionable advice to help you get the most from your online marketing efforts.



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