10 Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Now!

Of late, huge amounts of overhauls have been made to Google Now, Android and ios’ convenient P.a administration. This makes them one of the handiest cell phone allies.

Here are 10 wonderful things you can do with Google Now.

1. Get Information About Anything

Get some information about anything and you are certain to get an answer. The voice summons with Google Now can do anything from characterizing words to exploring you, to making changes, to playing your main tune, to telling who Miley Cyrus is dating.

2. Be Reminded About Stuff at Whatever Time, Anyplace

On the off chance that the rundown above appears thorough, you haven’t seen anything yet. Google Now can remind you about anything whenever. Case in point, you could request that it ‘remind me to call father at 5’ or ‘remind me to get my clothing’. It adjusts occasions in your Google Calendar to remind you about when they are occurring. In the event that these occasions have an area, they will additionally let you know when you ought to leave so you can get there on time. No compelling reason to stress over missing bill installments, in light of the fact that Google Now will even remind you about that.


3. Stay Forward With Your Most Loved News and Sites

Have you seen that most loved Bollywood tattle blog you visit consistently? What about that online design store where you explode your pay? Google Now not just provides for you data about all the things you have scanned for as of late, it will likewise keep you educated of climate warnings, breaking news, and other vital things. You can likewise ask Google Now to keep you redesigned about specific individuals or their activities in the Internet space.

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4. Get Tickets for Approaching Occasions

In the event that you have an occasion or a show heading up, and the ticket was messaged to you, Google Now is pleasant enough to surrender you a heads t. Not just it will let you know when you ought to leave, however, it will additionally provide for you one-tap access to the email alongside your tickets. You can even sweep the tickets from Google Now as it coordinates with Fandango.


5. Stay on the Ball with Books, Films, and TV shows

Google recalls each time you look for a TV show, book, feature amusement, or music craftsman. The before you know it, its calculation is attempting to provide for you data about it in Google Now. You can even set Google to update you as often as possible about approaching scenes of your most loved shows so you know when they begin. Google Now even locates in the event that you have a system joined TV. It will listen to what you are viewing and will toss more data about that show on the off chance that you wish.


6. Shop, In-store and Online

On the off chance that you have shopped on the web, Google Now will give your bundle’s following data. It is your shopping collaborator in genuine too. It lets you know what stores are in the region of a shopping center that you are in, and on the off chance that you have done some exploration on a certain item recently, it will even tell which closest store you can find that item.


7. Check How Far You Have Biked or Strolled

In the event that Location History and Location Reporting are empowered on your telephone, you will have a card from Google Now that takes your telephone’s accelerometer (Android just) into thought and gauges how far you have biked/ strolled/ biked. In any case recall that if these Google Now gimmicks are empowered, it will log all over you make a go at something that you may not be agreeable with.


8. Go Without the Bother

Google Now has its finger on the beat on the off chance that you are wanting to leave your town. It will even help you with loads of helpful data to help you arrange that immaculate trek. It will stay informed concerning your flight on the off chance that you are flying, it will suggest when to leave, and will even have your ticket prepared when you achieve the airplane terminal. The greatness doesn’t stop there – Google Now goes few steps further by helping you with auto rentals, lodging data, photograph spots, reveals to you adjacent occasions and puts and will even furnish you with money change and cards for interpretation when you are out of the nation.


9. Stay on Top of Games and Stocks

These two peculiarities have been there since the absolute starting point. You can enter your most-emulated stocks and your most loved games groups in the Google Now settings, and get yourself an upgrade on how your stocks are getting along or whether your most loved games group is going up the platform. It additionally tracks the stocks you have long ago scanned for and the ones you have followed on Google Finance.


10. Rearrange Your Drive

Chances are that you invest huge amounts of time either venturing out to occasions, work, for social get-togethers, or in travel. With Google Now, this might be a ton simpler. You should simply enter your business locale in its settings, and it will tell you to what extent it will take you to get there, so you don’t get got inactivity suddenly. It even backings open to travel and driving, and for those absent-minded souls who practically always forget where they have stopped, Google Now will significantly recall your stopping area. You even have the alternative of offering your current drive to your loved ones with the goal that they can check when you are booked to arrive.


Conclusion: So Google Now helps you almost in everything in your day to day life. From reminding for your work to guiding you the way. You can shop with google and above all, you can find about anything on Google Now. Apart from these what other crazy things you do with google let us know.

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