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10 Innovative App Ideas to Inspire You

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Recently in November 2014 at the inaugural Astellas Innovation Challenge, there was an invitation for students to come up with innovative app ideas that boost healthy living. According to a press release, the winners of this challenge from St Paul’s Catholic College, in West Sussex, South East England caught the judges’ attention with an impressive idea to promote mental happiness by storing the person’s fondest memories and pictures in one place. (For more information:

Who could have thought that 14-year old teens could rack their brains for such lovely and successful Mobile App ideas? Is Innovating Apps a child’s play? Well, maybe not. However, you can definitely put your innocent ideas to construct something successful and praiseworthy.

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Recently, app downloads have displayed enormous fecundity and are predicted to reach a staggering figure of 211.31 billion downloads by 2016. There is a market out there for every entrepreneur and capturing that market by innovating Apps is what you should aim for. So what are you waiting for? Scout down this list of ideas and go build an app that will succeed!

  1. An App that will instantly locate:  Well, who doesn’t like an (or many!) bottles of chilled beer? Build a mobile app that will locate the nearest possible pub or bar for you to chill out at. Just add GPS and see how the magic works!
  1. The emergency services app: Well, this one should work anytime and anywhere. Emergency situations can drive a person berserk – be it a fire, or a crime, or a medical emergency. Dialing numbers, even though they may be three digit ones can sometimes be a difficult thing to do suddenly. Design a Mobile App that can inform the emergency departments just at the touch of an icon or some innovating Apps that can sniff out danger and suddenly start buzzing when it attacks.
  1. An app to manage your monthly expenses: Often, when you are financially independent, you fail to control how much you spend daily. With an App to manage your resources, you wouldn’t need to worry about that. This app will keep a track of your bills, alert you when you are going beyond the amount and help you make judicious choices.
  1. An instant language translator app: Who doesn’t like a little change of air in an unknown country? But often, language becomes a problem. Help others communicate with the natives of a place by designing succeed mobile app that stores all the vocabulary of most languages. Then use it to listen to any person and instantly translate it into the language that you can comprehend!
  1. Event organizing App: Need to plan an event, but don’t have the time? Leave it to this app. Keep a contact directory to send the necessary invites on time; have a food ordering button that can call up food stations immediately, connect through social networks and also allow it to help you arrange your schedules daily.
  1. A Mobile App to succeed in your legal endeavors: The judiciary works on a complex mechanism and everyone isn’t always aware of the intricacies of it. Make a mobile app which contained advice on any question that you have regarding legalities and avoid getting flabbergasted if you ever have a brush with the judiciary.
  1. The cooking instructions app: Are you that bad cook who only knows how to brew a cup of coffee? Is there something that you want to eat, but don’t know how to make it? Have a mobile app that comes with the necessary videos and instructions to create that perfect dish. This smells nice, right?
  1. The best app to guide you on your daily exercises: Let me guess, you want to get into shape, but don’t know how and when to do so? Build this app to get an outline of what all you need to liven up your health and use it for your daily workout.
  1. The scanning app: Scanning a document can be an energy consuming and costly job to do. An innovative app could be an end to all your worries. Make a successful mobile app that can instantly scan your documents and use them wherever you have to.
  1. The interior designing app: This app would give you your room’s measurements and help you design the room that you dream of. Suit your taste by getting the best pieces of furniture, the best paint and the best budget for the room of your dreams!

Conclusion: Innovating mobile apps can help you can succeed in the field of app development. Technology today controls the world and apps are the fresh meccas of technology. They provide instant service and there is a market for every innovative app out there! You just have to tap into it.

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