Amazon Files Suit Against 1400 Fake Product Reviewers On

In April 2015, Amazon filed suit from the operators of websites of which offered Amazon sellers the ability to purchase fake, four and five-star reviews of the products. Most of those websites have at the moment been closed, and Amazon took action from the sellers involved. Now Amazon is carrying on its crackdown on fake reviews by going after individuals who provide these sort of fake reviews – this time around, those who used the web freelancing marketplace fiverr. com.

The defendants inside the new case, listed as “John Does, ” every single used Fiverr. com to trade fake positive or 5-star Amazon online marketplace reviews. In some instances, they even offered “verified” reviews, meaning those where they choose the product – provided they’re compensated to the, of course. Other times, they also tell the purchaser to just provide product review and they’ll write-up it.

The Fiverr web site, for those unfamiliar, is an online marketplace where users typically offer small tasks and services that begin at only $5, which is where it got its brand. Most of the small jobs, or “gigs, ” as they’re called are dedicated to things like offering producing, translation, design, editing, or even programming, help. Of study course, the site also became a resource for anyone looking for fake reviews and ratings, not simply on Amazon, but furthermore on other sites and also services, including app outlets.

These sort of gigs would be in violation of Fiverr’s Words of Service, however, which says that gigs cannot violate still another party’s terms of assistance.

But Fiverr is not named inside the lawsuit directly, as Amazon only goes after those forms of sites that actively create an environment for fraudulent activity to be able to thrive. Fiverr, meanwhile, has worked with Amazon in past times to remove these kinds of postings.

“Fiverr has a take-down process available, but it doesn’t solve the root cause, ” an Amazon online marketplace spokesperson notes.

Amazon Review Complaint

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