Amazon suffers potential password leak, user accounts affected

 Amazon suffers potential password leak, an unlimited number of user accounts affected.

The actual Black Friday 2015 shopping season is upon us and Amazon’s big Black Friday sale is in full swing, but some Amazon customers have received an unwelcome gift over the past few days: News that their Amazon account passwords had been compromised.

According to a document on Tuesday morning from ZDNet, Amazon has informed some consumers that their account passwords had been compromised. The company has yet to make sure that any details to the media, but it said in a message that users’ passwords had been stored or transmitted insecurely, potentially allowing hackers to intercept the info.

Amazon recently discovered that your password had been improperly stored on your device or transmitted to Amazon in a way that could potentially expose it to a 3rd party, ” the company said in the email to some users. “We have corrected the issue to prevent this exposure. ”

Amazon reportedly said it really is unaware of any passwords acquiring been obtained by third events, but it is forcing customers to reset their passwords as a precaution.

It is unclear how many Amazon users are impacted by this challenge, or whether every potentially impacted customer had been contacted by Amazon. In light these unknowns, it may be recommended that you change your Amazon password now as a precautionary measure. If you use the same password on other sites — which is never a good suggestion — you should change your own password on those sites too.

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