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How To Become An Unpopular Blogger


How to be Unpopular in Blogging?

Weird!! Isn’t it?

Everyone wants to be a popular blogger. But here I am, describing some ways through which one can become unpopular in this crowded blogging arena.

So what’s the significance of this post? You should keep each point I am going to share. Why because the opposite of them are the recipes that add up to create a successful as well as a popular blogger.

It’s up to you whether to be unpopular or popular in blogging. If you want to be despised, follow the methods given below. Or if you want to be a liked blogger, do what’s opposite.

Here is my guide to be an unpopular, unwanted and rejected blogger.

#1. Break up with Your Blog

Never love your blog. Yes, you should cut the relationship NOW.

According to me, this is the primary step to becoming an unpopular blogger. A real blog lover updates his blog regularly. It helps him build the new audience and create trust among oldies. Eventually, this act leads him to popularity.

All the popular bloggers regularly publish posts on their blog. What does this mean? Nothing else than the importance of regularity in blogging.

But here, you have to avoid this. Stop updating your blog right now. Millions of blogs are out here. So people will start following them instead of yours.

You might have stopped updating. Then, do you have a habit of sharing your old posts?

What’s the point in hanging out with the ex? Cease that habit too.

Congrats. You have paved the way too unpopular blogging.

#2. Be a Virtual Island Yourself

What is an island? It’s a form of land isolated from surroundings by water.

I recommend you to be a virtual island if unpopularity is your ultimate aim. Don’t have an eye on other bloggers. Never ever visit their blog. If any of them come up with a fantabulous post, and you accidentally read it, pretend like you never. I mean don’t drop a single appreciation word as the comment. Be pure blind towards comment section.

Also, social share buttons should not hook your eyes. In any case, don’t allow your mouse pointer to click on them. The danger in it is, people may notice your social share, read that article and also realize that you are a blogger.

Successful bloggers build connections be it through blog commenting or social media. The main benefit of commenting on a blog is not a mere backlink, but the connections it brings from the author and readers as well.

Outreaching should be your enemy as you are on the way to unpopularity. Don’t email your fellow bloggers to congratulate on their fantastic post. If you do, they will start noticing your blog (even the influencers do it).

#3. Remove the Word, HELP from Your Blogging Dictionary

I know many successful bloggers who do pay heed to the problems of their fellowmen. Most of us do not forget one, who help us. So in that way, they are making a reason to remember them always.

If you still doubt the same, seek help from a popular blogger through a legitimate email (Ankit is here). You will surely get their help sooner or later. What I mean is helping others pave another way to popularity.

In your case, forget the word, HELP. Whenever a blogger asks for your help, ignore them. Do tell them that you don’t have enough time (even though you have). Talking to them in a rude manner, only because he is seeking help will make you a hated blogger also.

That’s why I am reminding you to remove HELP from your blogging dictionary. The more you are inclined towards it, the slower you become unpopular.

#4. Keep Building Fortress in Air

Implementation is the key element of success. You do win if only you are ready to take action.

A wannabe unpopular blogger should not take action. Instead, he can build fortresses in air, dream about the upcoming success of his/her blog and imagine a paycheck the blog may bring.

In any point, never take steps that make you successful because success will make you popular.

If you are craving to be unpopular and can’t break up with your blog, you can follow this method. When you can’t find yourself to be settled without writing, write a superb post without caring the Publish button.

Don’t try to build real castles. Keep on building it in the air.

#5. Bid Farewell to SEO

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO refers to tuning your website or blog to achieve top positions in search engine results.

You will get tens of thousands of visits if your blog is search engine-friendly. But that’s not you want, right?

Blow off the SEO concepts and never act according to it. If search engine experts say to do keyword research, ignore them and have a candy. If they say to have the primary keyword in H1 tag, ask them what if you haven’t?

Tons of SEO guides are out there. Read them carefully not to follow. Do what is opposite to the guides say.

At the end of the day, you will be the winner being the most unpopular blogger ever.

Every successful blogger cares about SEO. They really give a damn about it. That’s why they became popular.

As our main aim is to be unpopular, don’t give a damn about SEO.

So, Are You Ready to be Unpopular?

I have given you five basic principles that surely make you unpopular. Decide what’s your aim, popularity or unpopularity. As I already said, follow if you chose the second one. Or else do contrary to the above points.

Millions of blogs are present on the web, and tens of thousands of blog posts are being published daily. So, it’s not easy to be popular. You have to update your blog regularly, do care your fellow bloggers and readers, be active on social media, follow SEO strategies and also implement the thoughts.

I hope you like this post here. If you do, have a second to share with your peeps on social media. And also, let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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