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10 Of the Best Lead Generation Tools For Marketers

Lead generation helps businesses attract potential clients towards their products, services, or websites. Lead generation doesn’t merely mean to get people to visit your website; instead, engage them, collect data, and start conversations by turning potential clients into loyal customers.

Importance of Lead Generation

Let’s have a look at a few statistics to understand the importance of lead generation for businesses:

  • 61% of marketers find generating traffic and leads challenging
  • 88% of marketers use lead generation tactics and tools
  • 80% of customers believe company experience is as important as its products and services.
  • More than 45% of marketers follow lead management strategies and assign sales teams to follow up on more than 75% of leads.
  • More than 40% of organizations believe in the effectiveness of email marketing.

10 Of the Best Lead Generation Tools For Marketers

There are several tools available that you can get access to make your lead generation’s tasks easier. If you are a marketer, you would know that lead generation is not an easy task, which is why we are discussing the top 10 best tools that can be used for lead generation:

  1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is all in one tool for various marketing activities. You can use the tool to grow your engagement on the website as well as social media handles. The services offered include:

  • Email marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Websites
  • Social media

You can use the tool to categorize the users and connect with them through email marketing and send only the content that your audience would be interested in.

2. Prospect.io

If you are looking to manage both your prospects as well as improve outreach, Prospect.io helps you automate several tasks that can enhance engagements. You can build lists with an improved speed without wasting a lot of time, automate outbound through multichannel campaigns, and analyses the progress.

3. OptinMonster

One way to increase conversion rate is through pop-ups and slide-ins, as people tend to are attracted to new and exclusive offers. You must have experienced opening up a website and getting a discount pop-up and clicking it right away. You can use OptinMonster as a tool to create interactive pop-ups for your audience. The tool has 3 simple steps that let you create a pop-up for your website. The tool has several attractive features, including A/B Testing, Page Level Targeting, Advanced Traffic Redirection, analytics, etc.

4. Follow Up Boss

Follow up Boss is primarily for real estate websites for lead generation and management. The tool helps you pull leads from more than 200 sources and creates smart lists that point out who and when to call. The all-in-one CRM tools help you organize and reach out to your prospects in a streamlined way. The auto-sync options of emails also help you save time and make the process efficient and time-saving.

5.  Intercom

A conversational experience is always a memorable experience for a visitor on your website, which is why Intercom is an amazing tool that enables you to have conversations with the visitors on your website. You can build a connection with your clients by having conversations with them, moreover, manage the chats through conversational bots and automated workflows.

The tool also lets you collect data and form a more personalized experience for the clients. The app offers:

  1. Conversational marketing
  2. Conversational customer engagement
  3. Conversational support

These features enable businesses to have a steady communication with their clients as well as website visitors.  The tool works efficiently for both B2B and B2C companies.

6. AeroLeads

If you are struggling in data collection of clients and visitors, AeroLeads is the tool for you as it makes data collection easier and simpler. You can collect Emails, Phone Numbers, and B2B Data through a simple AeroLeads Chrome Plug-in.

Do your research for people on LinkedIn Search, CrunchBase, AngelList, Xing, and the tool will find their business emails, business phone numbers, company name and URL, job title, location, etc.

7. Hoovers

Hoovers uses a strong database (the world’s largest commercial database) to help you build targeted prospects lists. The sophisticated analytics involved in the tool helps users with a sales intelligence solution.

The tools help in dynamic list searching, trigger alerts in real-time, company profile access, and sales lead. The tool helps you get access to more prospects and targeted clients so you can turn the leads into loyal clients.

8. Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is a tool that helps you get contact details of visitors on your website, including

  • Business Name
  • Contact Information
  • Demographics
  • Search Behavior
  • Financial Data

Moreover, the tool also helps in sales opportunities through Lead score on multi-criteria, auto-assign leads, trigger instant notifications, customizing your portal, etc. Through the usage of Lead Forensics, you can convert anonymous visitors into clients as well as track progress through insights.

9. GrowBots

Growbots makes it easier for you to reach your prospects with its database of more than 200 million people. You can start by selecting your target market and set up a campaign to reach the right leads. Whether your business if of clothing or coaxial cables, you need people to know about your business, and it is only possible through lead generation.

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Through a huge pool of information, you can get a list of all companies matching your profile and contact them through their profile information. You will be able to get their job titles and contact information within seconds.


Sendinblue is an email marketing automation tool which solves a lot of your problem including templates, designs as well as SMS marketing. The tool includes a simple drag and drops feature to create engaging emails. You can also create automated workflows and segment the users into different categories.

The tool offers several ways for conversion, including

  • Landing pages
  • Signup forms
  • Facebook ads
  • Retargeting

Sendinblue is a complete tool to engage and find out new leads with a very minimal cost. You can try the free version and consult with the team for packages that suit your budget.

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