Tips To Easily Index Your New Post By Google

Do you want to index your new post fastly and in within minutes or do you want to know why most of the well-established site’s post get indexed very easily? Ok, then you are in right place. I will tell you why your new post does not get indexed very fast by google and why other website’s blog posts get indexed very Easly.
We are here to discuss how to get indexed your post very fast of blogger blog or WordPress not about why other blogger’s posts get indexed very fast.
Follow these steps if you really want to index your post by google.
  • Use of social bookmarking websites.
  • Frequent comments on comluv websites.
  • Tell your friends to like your post.
  • Share your post on the Facebook fan page.
  • share your article link on twitter.




After publishing your new post, log on to the Stumbleupon and share your post in SEO Category. Believe me when you share your new post in StumbleUpon’s SEO category you will get instantly more than 100 is practically proved and even I do it for my posts.
Reason:- Google re-index Stumbleupon in minutes because thousands of posts are added into Stumbleupon. And Google has to come again and again to index Stumbleupon. And hence your new posts also get indexed very fast when you submit an article to Stumbleupon.

(2)Comment on comluv websites.

After publishing your new posts find some comluv enabled websites and comment on those websites. comluv enabled websites to take your latest post as backlinks and hence your post gets backlinks and also gets indexed by google if those comluv websites are updated frequently.

(3)Get Likes on Posts.

If you have a good friend list then you can tell them to like your posts higher the likes and higher the chances to appear on the first page of always try to get maximum likes on your posts.

(4)Share Your New Post on The Facebook Fan Page.

Apart from sharing your post on Facebook timeline, you must also make a Facebook fan page and then share your post on your website’s fan page. I achieved success in this when I made the Facebook fan page of the best of Shayari and used it as a pop up so I got maximum likes. Every day I get 5-6 likes on the Facebook fan page and today it got page rank of 2. and I share all of my posts there and they get backlinks from PR 2 page.

(5)Share Your Article or Post Link on Twitter.

Twitter also has seen the same as the Stumbleupon by google. Maybe that just after sharing your post on twitter you can get indexed by Google within first make an audience on Twitter, try to get other blog’s audience and add them and then share your new post so that you can get some referral traffic for new posts by twitter and hence chances are higher to get indexed very fast by search engines like google.
Conclusion: These are the best tips to get your post indexed by google easily. I applied this method earned backlink for my post and my new post easily indexed by google. I hope this will work for your new post too.

About the Author Kalyani Kumari

A content marketer having experience in content writing. The passion of writing and reading leads me to become a content writer. My passion is the driving force behind writing the blogs.

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