Buffer Review - Pros & Cons - Features & Pricing Must Know Before Buy


Buffer is all about a queue in which if you are planning to post something on your Social Media after few days or if you are Want to retweet it a particular time you don’t have to wait until that time.Buffer is a well organised application with wonderful layout for you to schedule and manage the posts in your Social Media Account. 

Buffer lets you schedule your posts and tweets that you want to update in the future. Buffer is somewhat similar to that of Hootsuite. But hootsuite is a Social Media Dashboard while Buffer is a pre-scheduling Streamlining tool for all of your Social Media accounts.


How to Connect your Social Media Accounts To Buffer ?

Foremost step is to create a Buffer Account and then you get the option of connecting your Social Media Accounts. 

Some Social Media account that you could connect is:

  • Personal FacebookProfiles & Pages.
  • Twitter Account. connect social profile buffer
  • LinkedIn.
  • Google+ Page.
  • App.net
  • Foursquare.
  • WordPress.
  • MySpace.
  • Tumblr.
  • Youtube.


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  • Easy Customization of Schedule.
  • Two-Step Login Option.
  • Works well on iOS and Android Support.
  • You Could compare the Statistics.
  • Easier Social Media Management and Profile Sharing.
  • Multi-Media Sharing Option. 
  • Allows Multiple posts.
  • Offers Immediate Sharing or “ Add To Buffer” Option.
  • Supports all the Web Based devices.
  • Would suit Small Business and Enterprise.



Buffer is a simple pre-scheduling tool for the posts and the contents of all your Social Media Account. Buffer could efficiently handle all the Social Media accounts by posting according to the schedules. 

Scheduling your posts and analyzing your marketing performance would be the significant factor of Buffer. 


Buffer allows you to access it for free. You will be able to see a Clear Interface of the buffer App when you first log in. Buffer app is easy to use medium with the best graphic creation tool. With the Free option you could keep 10 Updates in the Scheduler. 

It also allows you the option of paying about 10$ to manage about 12 social Profile with unlimited posts in the buffer. 


The Main feature of Buffer App is you could schedule the posts and tweets when you need them to get posted. Selecting time for every Single post will be tiresome, so buffer app allows you to Schedule them in such a way that they get adds to the Queue. The post will get filled up for the next allocated time frame. 

Everytime you are ready with your post you could just click the “ Add to Queue” so that it automatically get updated in the Queue. 

You could see the schedules that are in the Buffer by going to the settings and you could find them in posting schedules. 


With the help of some of the Browser Extensions like Chrome, FireFox, Opera and Safari you will be able to schedule the contents easily. It is easy to schedule from the web for the posts by Scheduling it right away whenever you find an interesting post. 

Another easy method to post the images to the article while using Buffer application is just by clicking the “ Share Image” button. 

When it comes to Twitter, you could easily Schedule the retweet whenever you come across the best tweets that too from the Buffer App directly. When you have the Buffer extension you will be able to see the Buffer Icon below your Twitter posts and if you want to add comments you could. Scheduling of posts becomes easier when you have an extension. 

Buffer app allows you to select multiple images for your posts and you have to enable the Share Extension option to do so.

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Resharing of your Top posts will reduce the time needed for Scheduling of your posts. Not all of your Friends and followers would have noticed whenever you post, in order to make it visible to all Resharing of your posts would be the best option. Buffer option lets you see the top posts of yours.

In the Dashboard of the Buffer you get to see the option Buffer Dashboard> Analytics > Reports Select the “ Most popular” find out the recent Top posts and click on the Re-Buffer Option. 

When you rebuffer the remaining posts will be in the Queue and they will be posted on the respected Social Media Account. Buffer will Schedule the posts automatically without any manual setting up of the time.


Hootsuite allows you to choose the time for posting an Update, While Buffer app is convenient in such a way that it lets the particular app itself to schedule it. Buffer acts like a medium which collects your post when you add one by one like a queue. Once it’s time to update by priority of your queue it gets posted. 


Pros of Using Buffer

1. Hootsuite allows you to choose the time for posting an Update
2. While Buffer app is convenient in such a way that it lets the particular app itself to
3. Buffer acts like a medium which collects your post when you add in queue.
4. Once it’s time to update by priority of your queue it gets posted.

Cons of Using Buffer

1. When you want to post at the particular time there the problem arises. When you want your post to get uploaded immediately buffer creates certain issues.
2. When you have a large network getting Buffer for many people would be tiresome and more expensive.
3. Lags in Instagram integration and no monitoring tools for hashtags. A special tool has to be installed for monitoring of the performance.



Buffer Analytics would be useful for understanding the performance of how it works. Constantly tracking the process would help you in better understanding of how effective it is. Buffer app is Still working on analyzing the metrics and data in order to improve the Insights.

Buffer helps in identifying the Influencers with the help of the reports which has the details of the Influencers who were recently engaged with you by any means of viewing your account or following your posts. 


Certain interactive graphs will allow you to understand the analytics with the help of the data. With the help of the Social engagement of the Users data and preferences you could understand what type of posts your users are interesting to see and what profiles are they following.

Buffer does all the work that is to be expected in a Social Media Management tool. Right from scheduling and then uploading it based on the queue priority.


OUR CONCLUSION: Buffer app would be suitable for Entry-Level Business people and would be the best choice for pairing it up with the best analytical tools for completely monitoring. Buffer would be more suitable if you are not worried about the date and timing for uploading your posts like a personal Social Media Manager who does that for you.When you are focused about only publishing them Buffer is the best tool.

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