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The RACE Planning System for Digital Marketing

A practical framework to improve your digital marketing – RACE  framework. Strategic planning process which, when applied to digital marketing, allows an action plan to be structured in accordance with the purchasing stage of users. RACE is the acronym formed of the four stages that define this model (Reach, Act, Convert, Engage).   #1.  PLAN – Brand content, social assets, website, […]

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Why Chatbots Are a Must-Have for All Types of Startups

Chatbots are AI-based software designed to simplify human-machine interaction through Natural Language Processing. In other words, a chatbot is a subtle way to automate some routine and time-consuming tasks. There are chatbots for different purposes: customer service, marketing, transactions, and entertainment. But this article is focused on chatbots for startups many of which now rely […]

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Digital Marketing? The Way to Turn Your Small Business Ideas into a Big Business Opportunities

“Think Big, Think Fast, Think Ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly – DHIRU BHAI AMBANI  The quote cited above is a true manifestation of what the Big, Bigger and Biggest Ideas can do to make a difference in our lives. As the world changes to the lightening speed and advancements of the # Internet Phenomenon. […]

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How To Market Your Business On TikTok: 9 Secrets Of Promotion

TikTok serves as a Social media platform: TikTok allows its users to make a video of 15-second videos by using filters, music, effects, editing tools, and much more within the app. The TikTok is the fast-growing app that helps to market your business more efficiently. As a result, make sure to serve your TikTok brand […]

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How digital marketing can be helpful to grow eCommerce store

How digital marketing can be helpful to grow an eCommerce store? Digital marketing is the next big thing in the marketing industry and all sectors are implementing it to suit their business needs. Like other businesses, digital marketing can be very helpful for the growth of an e-Commerce Store. Many e-Commerce stores and websites are […]

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Instructor-Led Online Wordpress Website Course for Non-Coders

Learn how to design & develop a website or blog using WordPress CMS  on your own domain & hosting (without coding skill).

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