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Namecheap Hosting Review

Namecheap is popularly known as a management service and domain registration, apart from that, they also offer a modest range of web hosting services. Namecheap was founded in 2000 and began by offering

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Divi Theme Review: A Multi Purpose WP Theme

Since its launch in 2013, Divi WordPress theme has marketed itself to be the best WordPress theme with a frontend visual builder. The frontend visual builder allows the developer to create page directly

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Using Video To Get Your Brand’s Message To More Users

Social media is a very powerful tool for business owners to reach out to as many people as possible. There are millions of social media users around the world. One of the reasons why social media is effective

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Creating a Lead Generation Landing Page That Works is as Easy as ABC [Infographic]

The landing page is the backbone of any lead generation campaign in the digital marketing world. It’s where you drive your traffic; where you highlight your products/services true value; and landing

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How SEO is Changing And How To Move With The Times

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO started out as a way to classify websites and content according to their niche. Today, SEO has evolved and has become an integral part of how you search on the web. SEO

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What is blog directory submission?

As the name suggests blog directory submission means submitting your blogs to different blog directories. This activity increases the visibility of your blogs in various search engines and keeps the natural

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What is Question and Answer submission in SEO?

The question and answer sites have gained popularity in the recent years and are a major hit these days. Also, it remains unexploited since it is comparatively a new and rising phenomenon. Question and

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What Is Article Submission in SEO

Article submission is said to be or rather let’s just say it is the most successful among all the SEO techniques. What does it mean? Article submission generally refers to writing or creating articles

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How Search Affects Startup Valuation

People believe what they see in a search engine result, whether it is true or not. This affects how people react, how they feel about a startup, and whether they invest. Behavioral Finance: Search to Manipulate

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How to Get your Cpanle Login Details

What is Cpanel – Cpanel is a web-based hosting control panel provided by every hosting providers at the time of domain purchase. Cpanel allows website publisher to manage their websites from a web-based

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10 Major Google Algorithm & Updates Between 2011 – 2017

The competition is cutting- edge and everyone in this digital world want to be on top. With the lakhs of websites on the internet, the task of achieving the highest rank among all is a complicated one.

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Guide to Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization – In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Search algorithms and ranking factors are constantly changing,  but few factors of SEO community remain same like relevancy, trustworthy

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How to set your Domain Email

How to set your Domain Email – Once you have your domain name registered and built your website, the next step is to create an email account with your domain extension. So, we will go over the basics

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Why Every Business Need Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing takes you through a journey, where you learn to interact better with your visitors and turn them into customers by watching visitor behavior, improving your advertising ways, and establishing

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How to Write Customer-Focused Content?

Being a content marketer, your concern is just to produce customer-facing content that converts. Often, easier said than done. But why is it so hard? Write to Convert visitors into Customers: A roadblock

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