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Social Media Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Everything you need to know to crack Social Media Optimization (SMO) interview We have curated the top most important interview questions and answers on Social Media Marketing for you to crack any interview With the increasing demand for the internet, you can find your target customers very easily with simple social media marketing strategies. Listed […]

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7 ways you can measure your Social Brand Equity

What is brand equity? Brand equity is the value that is derived by the customers, not because of the product or service provided by the organization but because of the consumer’s perception of the brand name. Source: In other words, the utility provided by a brand’s name and its logo is brand equity. For […]

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Things to Keep in Mind before Joining Digital Marketing Institute

The need for digital marketing in the current world can be seen and the youth are taking an interest in learning digital marketing. Many people (students, entrepreneurs, and business persons) want to learn digital marketing. It does not matter whether they want to get placed in a very good company, but they also want to […]

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7 Benefits of Having a Website for Business

7 Benefits of Having a Website for Business It’s fair to assume that you’re most likely considering building your own website or at the very least, have someone build it for you. A website can be an excellent asset for your business, the benefits of having a site are massive, and can easily stand out […]

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7 Automation Tool for Digital Marketing – Let the bot work for You!

Hello Readers, Today I have curated and published this list of automation tools for digital marketers and bloggers this is an exclusvely selected tool from 100 of others some of these I personally use to automate my tasks like Zapier and IFTTT. Automation tools can increase your productivity by doing the task for you which […]

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Face to Face Online Blogging Training Course

Learn advance professional blogging with me on live project and start creating an online income source for you.

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