Creating a Lead Generation Landing Page That Works is as Easy as ABC [Infographic]

The landing page is the backbone of any lead generation campaign in the digital marketing world.

It’s where you drive your traffic; where you highlight your products/services true value; and landing page is where you really get sale or conversion. Your advertising campaign depends on how you have designed your landing page.

So, you need to give it time and attention it deserves.

Creating a high conversion and attention-grabbing landing page is not kid’s play.  it is a science. It requires strategic planning of many fine details. Everything from the design and the color of your call-to-action (CTA) to your page Headline or choice of the photo can affect visitors behavior.

So,  be educated enough to make difference between a lead won or a lead lost.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you are designing a landing page.  Remembering all these fine points can be difficult, but the team at Copyblogger has made it as easy as ABC in this Infographics.

In this clever and physiologically designed infographic shared by Steven Lowe, designer, Lauren Mancke, has outlined some of the most important elements of a landing page to get conversions & sale and she has labeled them, “The ABCs of Landing Pages That Works.”

It’s fun, memorable, – and cool. Check it out:

landing page that works

Let me know what’s your opinion about creating a high converting landing page in a comment below.


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