Delhi CEO to launch impel to check misuse of social media

As the Model Code of Conduct came into force, Delhi’s Chief Electoral workplace nowadays delineated the social media as a “serious challenge” and aforesaid it’ll launch a special campaign to envision misuse of the platform for election effort functions. goverment is watching you

“According to the directions of the commission of India, the directions and tips applicable on electronic media square measure applicable on social media.

“It could be a recent development and that we can alter efforts to the curb the violations of the model code of conduct, violations of expenditure observance or media certification and observance committee violations through the employment of social media. however it’s a heavy challenge for us,” aforesaid chief executive officer Vijay Dev.

He more aforesaid that it’s tough to handle social media significantly once “Election Commission, so far, has issued orders just for coping with the net accounts of candidates and political parties and therefore there’s an enormous loophole.”

“Any subject on behalf of those political parties or candidates can take off with something on Facebook, Twitter or alternative social networking sites to influence folks and that we cannot have any management over that,” said Dev, adding that a powerful mechanism required to be in situation to tackle the difficulty.

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