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E-learning Trends for 2018


     E- learning gives you access to any information, at any time and has seen massive growth in the last few years. Driven by workforce demands, improved learner engagement and reduced training costs, e-learning has moved front and center for learning & development organizations.
     No doubt, Digital Learning is one of the most popular ways to impart personalized learning with the potential to become an alternative to traditional classroom approach.
     The rising problem of all traditional education is the lack of resources to keep students engaged. We are seeing most colleges and high schools struggle with budget cuts, higher tuition fees, as well as insufficient numbers of interested students. This was also caused by the lack of good quality courses.
      Around three million students are currently enrolled in fully online degree programs and about six million of them are taking at least one or two online courses to develop their skills with. In the years to come, we can be certain that online education will undoubtedly become the most popular alternative to achieving higher education levels.
      It’s not difficult to understand why e-Learning has gained wide acceptance and popularity in a rather short span of time. With the constant up rise of freelancers on the vast online market, as well as a growing number of powerful smartphones being manufactured each day, we often hear about how affordable e-learning courses are. Recently, it’s been clearer than ever that we’re going to have to get ready for a much different future when it comes to picking up new skills and sharing knowledge to someone.

       Online learning has its benefits. Most online platforms offer courses available 24/7, there is no age limit, and we can sit, relax and learn whatever we want from the comfort of our home. As a result, millennial people think that online education is the same or maybe even better than the traditional approach to education. The last studies show that 90 percent of students in the USA think like this.

     Can online learning change our classroom experience for good? Well, corporations concern online education as a new norm, and they have increased their use of online education by an enormous 900 percent in the last 16 years.                                                                                              “E-learning isn’t without its challenges.”
     Why is online education that much popular today? Mobile and video trends are increasing the reputation of e-Learning. Mobile Internet has been one of the key influencing factors driving the growth of the online education. It’s not a surprising fact considering that 87 percent of millennial say that they use their smartphones way too often throughout each day.

     Online courses are cheaper than their counterparts in traditional education, therefore it’s not surprising why a lot of students use it to get certified and learn new skills.

     E- learning is only going grow as more people realize the opportunities that are available to them. This means that keeping up with global trends is crucial for learning providers who want to ensure growth and consistency.


Elearning trednds 2018

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