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Ecommerce as a sustainable choice for your career today


E-commerce or electronic commerce is a process where buying and selling products are done online. These types of business occur like business to consumer, or consumer to consumer, or business to business and many other modes. It was introduced in 1960 via EDI (Electronic data interchange) or VANs (Value added networks). This process gradually evolved with the gradual advancement in the field of internet access and also with the growth of online sellers like Amazon, eBay etc.

ecommerce as a career choice

Governments and many other companies have been promoting the global economic integration as well as new technologies; the major trend which is based on the insight of the buyers that technological advancement and economic globalization cannot be left apart from environmental as well as social conditions.

E-commerce is evolving over the years like any digital technologies. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, mobile commerce has become its own market. Also with the rise of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest they have become a driver of e-commerce.
So, are you thinking about choosing E-commerce as a sustainable choice for your career?
If so, then you will also be joining millions of entrepreneurs who are carving out opportunities in the world of e-commerce.
Here are the top 6 reasons why you should choose E-commerce as a sustainable choice for your career:

  • The applications and the future scope of e-commerce are huge.
    The total market today is over $1 Trillion which is huge. It is being predicted that it will grow at a rate of seventeen percent per year and we are standing way before the starting point of it. E-commerce is being well set up in the US and in China, the e-commerce market is delivering sales of $1 billion per day! So it is not very hard to imagine that how the same thing will happen in countries like India, Russia, Brazil, and others when they also catch the same fever.
    The mobile commerce has grown over the last few years which have already captured 20% of the total e-commerce sales. It is uncertain for you that whether e-commerce will become your long-term involvement or not, but you can gain a lot of skills and experience by just taking it up for at least 3 years.
  • E-commerce gives you a ‘feel’ for customers.
    When you go for an early career in e-commerce, in addition to your other hard skills it sharpens your soft skills also. It teaches you to encourage a significant appreciation for the practicality customer experience as well as brand experience. E-commerce also makes you a very good narrator. It is very important to observe things and take action from the point of view of your customers. You can then only see that what customer says that he or she will do and what they ‘actually’ do. This will brighten up the interconnection between the social and shopping behaviors of the customers. That is why these skills are outstanding if you want to build an early career in marketing.
  • E-commerce educates you to think and do works as a real General Manager does.
    The profession of e-commerce is a very intense microcosm of all the rudimentary expertise of business that you can think of from all another profession. It will introduce you to a number of marketing aspects which will benefit you a lot like, customer service, product marketing, pricing and profit management, up selling, cross selling, customer acquisition, supply chain and a lot of other things.
    Many jobs make you see only a piece or part of a puzzle but never let you to acknowledge the whole thing at work! When you are being hired by any company, they would love to see your e-commerce experience on your resume. It is a perfect way to identify a business person who has the ability to make the cash register ring!
  • E-commerce boosts up your learning knowledge by giving you access to real-time results if data and information.
    A lot of companies have lost their craft of testing personals which makes these places less interesting as well as not a place where you can learn. A number of businesses take tests of your discipline and manners. But this is a time-oriented manner to assemble actionable results. In case of e-commerce, you have to go through a lot of tests every day which increases your chance of being tested where you will get your results from the customer instantly. This instant feedback boosts your learning in the field of marketing.
  • E-commerce not only make difference in your day job but also in your life!
    Somewhere in your journey of life, e-commerce will be going to be very useful since you have paid all your dues all along your way. If you want to promote your own band or help in raising money for your charity or you want to start up your own company, being knowledgeable in the field of e-commerce is going to be very much practical and advantageous which will last for a lifetime!
  • E-commerce is everywhere!
    The retail business is undergoing a lot of changes in the recent years. The decision behind a customer’s choice and buying are more complex these days. “Everywhere commerce” is seen to be the next big thing after ‘multiple channel e-commerce’. From Business to the customer, Customer to Customer, Business to Business, Consumer to business, Business to Government, and Government to Citizen you will find E-commerce everywhere.

Advantages of E-commerce

  • Faster selling/buying procedure, there is no theoretical or geographical limitations!
  • Buying or selling of goods 24*7.
  • More reach to customers as there are no geographical limitations.
  • Low operational costs and also better quality o service.
  • There is no need for physical set-ups of a company.
  • It is very easy to start and manage a business.
  • Customers get a number of choices from where they can select products from a number of providers without moving physically.

Final Words: Electronic markets are the foundations of electronic commerce. They potentially integrate advertising, product ordering, delivery of digitalized products and payment systems. E-commerce also has a number of applications in e-commerce retail and wholesale, Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing, and also Auctions.

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