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At many junctures, one may get indulged into the situations wherein we tend to convert an image file to an editable format like word document. This can be anything right from your college project to any melodious poetry or any inspiration phrase, which are required to incorporate in a word document, or over the piece of our class assignments, which you require to copy out and then include in what you have already typed; this can be simply anything a jpg image format. Well, one may find it tough typing the same stuff again from the given image file. At times, this may not be a good idea to go with this tedious and time-consuming jobs, hence the better way comes out trying to convert the jpg to word format. All, you are supposed to do is to download the software and do the needful to keep all your worries at bay.

JPG to Word Converter

You can find a slew of systems uploaded over the web at different place that claims to convert jpg files into word documents. Though some of these products can end up doing your job for you, not many will be able to produce the required results you expect. In order to save you from this hassle, looking out for a competent jpg to word converter, you can for sure download the one from the link http://jpeg-to-word-converter.en.softonic.com. Well, this is among the easiest options to convert with this software which you will ever find on the web. Thanks to the simple interface it has. Also, you have the option of downloading the converter from http://products.softsolutionslimited.com/img2ocr/category/jpg_to_word.htm. This software (converter) supports 40 different languages, which makes this as a very resourceful option for anyone looking in the world. Once you are done with the downloading the jpg to word converter, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps and do the needful:
First run the setup to install the converter software. Open the software after the installation wherein you would be directed to homepage.
GUI of the Software

At the left side of the given software, you get the option to choose the file, which you are looking to get converted. You have the option to either select a file that has been saved on your computer, or to scan a file from your scanner.
Input Image Preview

Once you are done with the uploading the image, you now need to select the right format you are keen for the output file, which is the option of Word document format. In case if you are looking to get the file in a number of available formats you find in the software has, you are required to choose the option of “Select All” found of the output menu.

After that, you have the option to select the languages you are keen to have for the given image files. This you can do it from drop down menu found under the section of Language.
Select Output Format

Now, in the next step you are required to check the option called “Auto Rotate” and then “Auto Skew” boxes. With this you will be able to correct the rotation and skew of the jpg file.
Now, click over the button of “Save” and there you are done with the jpg to word conversion.
If you are keen to get some visual tutorial check watch below video.

Video Tutorial to USE this Software to Convert and Edit Documents

Conclusion: while we work in office many people search for google to find how to convert docs and edit them they get many website but most of them are not working or exactly what we want they have no feature so i shared this free tool today to make your office document conversion and edit work easy:  Download, Use and Enjoy:

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