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Getting the Most out of PPC Advertisment

Getting the Most out of Pay Per Click 

As a website owner you are  always trying to get new an old customers back to our site. We want those human visitors to come to our websites and to buy what we are selling.  To attract new customers to your website you cannot rely on your site being on the top of the search engines with no competition all the time.

Having a consistent PPC campaign is essential.  Not only that but you can target your PPC campaign toward many more keywords than you can optimize your site for and make changes quickly and effectively.

We have learned in this chapter the effectiveness of the PPC Model, which is the most popular advertising model. Pay-Per-Click is exactly what is sounds like. The advertiser bids on keywords and tells the advertising company that they will pay a certain number of cents or dollars for every click on the ad that you place on the search engine or its partner websites.

There are more places for PPC advertising than you might think. ALL these websites have advantages in one way or another and might be effective for your websites advertising.  Here are some websites you might consider for your PPC budget:

 Top 16 Pay Per Click Advertising Website


NOTE: Yahoo no longer makes the list because they are now operated by Microsoft adCentre.

There are some disadvantages to PPC as opposed to organic SEO listings, including the high cost of bids for certain keywords, poor conversion rates on purchased clicks, and fraud which we discussed earlier.

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