How to use Google drive for hosting your websites.

google drive hosting
Every website needs one web server to run online. If it a static HTML, CSS website or a dynamic website. But sometimes we need one temporary URL to promote a page or product or to get Facebook like etc. but we don’t have any server access. In that case Google has given one solution for us. Some days back Google has added one awesome new feature to Google drive called web hosting. Through Google drive now you can host your html, CSS and JavaScript files inside Google drive and share the URL for Public access.

Want to see a live demo of a website, click here.

If you will look at the URL it seems very lengthy, unmemorable URL of the demo site, Google Drive isn’t good for hosting solution, but it’s can great for a demo or “limited time” sites, like event invitations or temporary promotions.
Steps to Add Your Website to Google Drive.

You can add your website files to Google Drive in two different ways. If you are using the desktop version of Google Drive, just move your site folder into your Google Drive folder.

1. If you are not using the desktop Drive, you can upload the folder through the Google Drive website. The fastest way to upload a folder to Google Drive online is with the Chrome browser since Chrome allows you to upload whole folders. After uploading the folder Open the HTML file, and click the “Preview” button in the toolbar.

2. Share the URL that looks like “…” from the preview window and anyone can view your web page.

Here is some screen which guide you how to setup public folder in google drive.

site host on drive

share publicly


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