How to Do Local SEO for Your Business in India

India, a developing nation, and its current financial and political circumstances make it a perfect destination for entrepreneurs and small – scale businesses. Current scenario of the country is welcoming and encouraging startups. The time is changing and so does the people. Today, as per the survey, almost 39 % of country’s population are using internet in cell phones. Out of this, 86 % of mobile internet consumers use internet or search engines to locate a local business-like restaurants, mobile stores or cafes. Therefore, it becomes a decisive part for the entrepreneurs to ensure utmost optimization of local internet traffic.

What Local SEO is it all about?

These days, people use internet to locate the nearby areas or businesses. When searched for a play school, the results displayed would be the play schools that are situated nearby the device location. Hence for every local small-scale business, thriving and optimizing the internet traffic is important.

Local SEO (Search engine optimization) helps in digital marketing of products and services, targeting consumer area wise, and placement of product and services in the targeted geographical area. There are services which optimizes a website in way that they appear in the top searched results.

Since print marketing like pamphlets or print advertisements have become old methods of marketing products, it is important that the consumers are notified about the services or businesses whenever and wherever required!

The places where there is a lack of technical knowledge amongst large number of service providers, portal directories or online directories play a vital role. Majority of suppliers use and update their details on the same.

Key methods to optimize for the Local  traffic:

#1. Business with multiple locations :

When the business is spread out across multiple locations, it is important to mention the complete address with the location, city name, region etc on the business page. People also opt for creating separate pages for different locations, services or product lines for better visibility. Localization can also be enhanced by encouraging or promoting the local cultures and events.

#2. Google My Business page :

Creating a Google my business page has become a pioneer step in the digital marketing world. Verified account on Google my business enhances the visibility for consumers of the business by many times. Google my business page is tool which has simplified the online local service procedure for both consumers and suppliers. It comes with many options including management of ratings and remarks, maps, pictures, address etc. It is a win – win creation for both consumers and suppliers.

#3. SEO Keywords and content local customer targeted:

While writing for a company or creating a blog or advertisement, it is very important to use the keywords that describe the business completely. The content of the page should be crisp and must give a clear picture of the message that needs to be delivered.

#4. Technical knowledge for better result:

To optimize the internet traffic, SEO tools may increase the visibility by many folds. There are tools that support the search engine optimization in many different ways. Below are the tools that may help a beginner to optimize the space and use it in a lot better way.

S. NoSEO ToolsDescription
1Google page speed insightsChecks on the page speed and usability for internet traffic.
2Google My businessUsed for online visibility across Google search engine
3Moz local listing scoreTo see the business as it is visible in local market
4Keyword toolSuggests maximum no of keywords options based on single keyword.
5Quick sprout website analyzerComplete analysis of website in terms of keywords, visibility etc.
6Majestic SEOSupports in Link analysis.
7SERPS rank checkerTo check the rank of the website fir certain parameters

#5. Optimizing internet with the help of other social media platforms :

Search engine optimization can not only be completely optimized by using search engines giants like Google, but also the visibility can be made by optimizing various social media platforms like Face book, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. People these days optimize the internet traffic if they target consumer base on Facebook or other online social accounts. Facebook has a feature of buying, selling or closed groups for exclusively targeted consumers that are being a part of it.

This is an innovative method which is used by small scale business personals. This is also for users who face technical challenge. Such type of platforms is a boon for them.

#6. Outsourcing the SEO Segment :

There are many service providers and companies that provide search engine services to their consumers. Companies outsource their SEO segment to such service providers. The ensure utmost visibility of the websites and a wider targeted consumer base. They also keep updating the web content to always make it effective and efficient.

#7. Optimising the tittle and taglines with relevant keywords :

As per a reputed SEO Services provider Tangensys, another important way of optimizing the internet traffic is by using the related local keywords that are referred for business purpose. The taglines, tittles etc should have local keywords, for example, Birds for adoption in Kharadi Pune. This would link all searches for bird adoption in a specific area.

Tag lines, tittles should be crisp that contains the information about business and its geographic location in a single liner.


Closure thoughts: Now that we have little idea about the first steps towards “Local SEO” we can say that there is no “single method” or a definite “strategy ” to optimize the internet traffic. It’s a continues process and amalgamation of various steps or ways to do. There are various tools available online. There are various blogs and content available for it. But the Key to it is working persistently towards it with regularly updating on the technical segment and tools used. It is also important to update pictures, nearby landmarks, contact information, address details etc.

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