How can my site be found online in search engine results?

Your site will be crawled by search engines. It can take between 1 to 3 months for your site to appear in search engine results.


How To Be Found on Google!!

In order for your site to be visible to search engines, make sure that it is published and that allowed search engines to find. it should not be blocked by robots.txt

Note: Your site being visible to search engines does not guarantee higher ranking in search results. In order to improve your ranking, we encourage you to follow the basic initial steps listed below.

1) Please follow the content guidelines outlined here. Additionally, when adding content to your site, please be sure to incorporate your keywords organically throughout the content, rather than simply listing them.
2) Please make sure to fill in Title and Description Meta tags for each page, as this information displayed in Google search results.

3) Make sure to add Alt Text to your images, in order to improve their visibility for search engines.

4) Link your site to your social pages.

5) Set header tags in your site content, in order to identify important content for search engines.


We also suggest that you use the Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics Tools

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