5 Tools for Error Free Content Writing

Whether you are a regular writer, freelance writer or a blogger, you must know how important content quality to attract readers. We spend lots of time in deciding heading and sub-heading of the article and the blog to attract visitors, but we barely spend time for proofreading. Do not forget guys, proofreading is a major thing for any article or blog as it assists you to improve the content quality.

Let’s discuss:

A blogger has to keep a check on their article quality, particularly when English is not our prime language. Blogger often makes stupid mistakes like using tense, active/passive voice, etc. When you will start blogging, I am sure you will hate proofreading.

Later you will realize that once you are finished with your writing, it is better to proofread after a few hours or next day. This way your mind is fresh and you can write few new ideas while proofreading. Proof-reading helps you a lot to reduce the number of mistakes in your content writing.

Here are few important things which you keep in mind while proofreading a blog or any content:

  • Using proofreading tools is a better idea.
  • Correct immediately if you get any error, do not wait until you proofread the entire document.
  • Take a short break after finishing your writing work and then, start proofreading.  It is good if you read next day or after an hour.
  • Choose a silent place to proofread your finished writing, so that you can concentrate perfectly.
  • Read loudly as this way you can simply point out what is incorrect in sentence structure.

You can also use proofreading tools, which are available absolutely free of cost on the internet. When you are going to start proofreading, just use proofreading tool so that you can find all errors in your article. But even after using proofreading tool, it is also necessary that you should read your content one more time, so that if there is some sentence error or any grammatical error, then you can get it easily.

Following is the list of such 5 online proofreading tools which are really very helpful you to improve your content quality. Remember one important thing that none of these tools are 100% accurate as they are just a program. Still, they are helpful in many cases and will help you to lower down the common mistakes of English we make.

Use these Amazing free Online Proofreading tools:

  1. Polishmywriting:

Polishmywriting is one of the favorite proofreading tools of several writers to proofread articles online. It shows your error in 3 different colors like Red, Blue, and Green. Green color for grammatical errors, Blue color for style suggestions and last Red color for spelling errors. You will like the suggestions of active and passive voice which this tool provides. Even, it shows you the results within a few seconds, which is one more cool feature.


Try After the Deadline

  1. Grammarly:

Are you searching single recommendation for a proofreading tool? Just jump to Grammarly now. This tool is actually superb as it is multi-purpose for bloggers and writers. You can paste your article and this tool will find out the grammatical and spelling mistakes quickly. A checker can also upload the doc file and the tool will proofread your entire document in just one chance.

grammarly grammar checker

Try Grammarly Now

  1. SpellChecker.net

This tool is quite different from others. It checks the content in totally different languages and advice special treasures. Spellchecker also enables you to spell check your entire site. The tool is more helpful for small size blogs.


Try Spell Checker

  1. PaperRater:

The tool not only provides you suggestions for spelling, styles and grammatical mistakes. But also check the title and rate of your overall work like your style, word choice, vocabulary, etc. The paper rater is a great method to analysis your content. However, various bloggers do not like it when they have to read a few options like the type of paper submitting, education level, title, check terms and conditions. Generally, it is worth providing a try.

paper rater tool

Try Paper Rater

  1. Slick Write:

Do you have an enough time and wish to analysis your writing in detail? Then, you can switch to Slick Write.  The tool not only shows your mistakes, but also provides you a complete list of your errors like prepositions, passive words, adverbs, uncommon words, filler words, phrases, and much more. Once in a while, you can track how you are improving your writing with this tool. The tool is a great to recognize progress about your writing quality.

 slickwrite proofreading tool

Try Slick Write

These are some of the online proofreading tools for content writing that I use and Grammarly is my favorite tool. If you know any other tip or tool for content writing don’t forget to share in the comment below.

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