Quotes of Wisdom & Knowledge – Shamsher Khan

Quotes of Wisdom & Knowledge

“Only Two Groups of People in this World: Followers of Dajjal and Believers”

“The Constant Struggle Between Good Forces and Evil Forces”

“Divine Hammer Shall Come on the Head of Every Tyrant”


Darwinism has made people believe that we are also just like Animal and see we have become like

“Grazing Cattle Never Who Look up to the Skies”

“Runaway from the nightlife to keep yourself in pure Light”


Man and woman each have their own unique honor

Belief dissolves fear and instills satisfaction in the heart

Holy Qur’an, a Treasure Chest of Endless Lights for You to Collect

Energy to Move Does Not Come from Material Provision

A Muslim is One Who Never Hurts Anyone by Tongue or by Hand


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