5 Tips to Rock Your Next Retargeting Ad Campaign

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture the online attention of potential customers as on average only2% your website traffic will convert on their first visit.

So how do you make your website traffic more profitable and start re-engaging the 98% of all your warm website leads?

Fortunately, there is a proven tried and tested solution called Retargeting (also known as Remarketing) which can boost your profits by enabling your company to stay top of mind with website visitors whilst they are making their buying decision.

Smart businesses use these “retargeting ads” to entice people back to their website who left without taking any action, things like:

  • Buying a product online
  • Completing a lead form
  • Opting-in to your newsletter
  • Watching a sales video

To some these ads can feel a bit like stalking, however, wouldn’t you prefer to see adverts for brands you’re already interested in?

The data shows retargeting ads get a 10x higher clickthrough rate than display ads. Why? Because visitors who’ve stopped by your website are already familiar with your brand.

In this post, you’ll learn 5 tips to rock your next retargeting campaign and chip away at the 98% of visitors who take no action the first time they visit your website. Before we hop in, check out this handy visual of how retargeting works:

  1. Have a clear objective in mind

Before you start Retargeting you need a clear goal in mind. More importantly you need to ask what are you trying to achieve?

Retargeting ads bring people back to your website. However, the offer you make, the landing page you link to, the call-to-action you include needs to be aligned with your marketing objectives.

The question is how are you specifically trying to grow your business right now?

Here are some suggestions to get your mind thinking:

  • Boost your number of sales by 4x in the next 6 months
  • Convert 20% of free users into Premium Paid users
  • Decrease the number of abandoned shopping carts by 4x

Retargeting ads aren’t a silver bullet to crushing your marketing objectives but do play a crucial role in the Digital Marketing Journey to score more customers fast.

Once you have concrete goals in place it’s time to look at segmentation.

  1. Segment your audience. Who is most likely (and least likely) to buy?

A website visitor who looked at your pricing page, spent five minutes reading your case studies, and almost made an enquiry is very different than a website visitor who bounced after being on your homepage for two seconds. The former is more interested and likely to buy while the latter is highly unlikely to convert.

Don’t waste your budget by retargeting every single website visitor. Instead, focus on advertising to people who’ve shown an active interest in your products and services. To find these likely buyers and save ad spend in the process, segment your audience into groups using this criteria:

Behavior: Identify which pages viewed on your website drive the most conversions i.e. a visitor viewing the pricing page indicates an openness towards making a purchase. A view of a free trial page (without a signup) demonstrates an inclination towards signing up, no matter how small. In both these cases, the visitor is a perfect candidate for retargeting.

Language & Location: Double check your audience geography and language settings to avoid wasting money on clicks from places you don’t serve or sell to.

With the above criteria in mind, create segments that bring clarity to who to advertise to and the audiences to spend zero marketing ££££ trying to win over.

  1. Test different ads to see what works

It’s important to keep things fresh to increase conversions from Retargeting. I’ve seen several companies make the mistake of keeping the same adverts for months at a time.

If you don’t rotate your messaging, imagery, and remarkable offers to keep your ads interesting you can fall in to the trap of “Banner Blindness”.

I recommend including a direct call-to-action in your ads as your audience is likely to recognize you and has already built up some trust from visiting your website before.

Here’s an example set Retargeting Ads from our client international Artists Agency on LinkedIn.

Can you spot Dorothy from Wizard of Oz?

Our client International Arts focused on building awareness for their studios by using images of their very best tattoos (see Dorothy advert above).

  1. Match the “cookie” duration to your sales cycle length

Retargeting ads work by attaching a “cookie” (a little piece of code) to website visitors that follows them around the world wide web.

After the cookie expires, the ads no longer show. The default duration for most retargeting platforms is 30-90 days, but can be adjusted when you are setting up your campaigns.

Set a duration for your retargeting campaign that matches the typical amount of time people take to purchase your products and services.

  1. Limit the number of times your ads are shown per day

Cap the amount of times your ads are showing to your website visitors and ensure that converted customers do not see the same ads. You don’t want to annoy and tur off potential customers. We recommend showing your ads between 10-15 times a day, keeping to this range will ensure you stay on people’s minds without harming your Retargeting campaigns.

To rock your next retargeting campaign, remember to:

  • Nail down a crystal-clear objective
  • Segment who is most likely (and least likely) to buy
  • Test different ads to see what works
  • Match the “cookie” duration to your sales cycle length
  • Limit the number of times your ads are shown per day

By implementing the above strategies, you’ll be on your way to creating retargeting ad campaigns that increase your leads, win new sales, and grow your business.

How are you using retargeting ads in your company? Any hot tips you’d include in the above list? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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