Samsung launches Milk Music app for free music streaming

New York : World’s leading gadget maker Samsung is unveiling a new free music service for its phones. The South Korean company says its Milk Music service includes over 200 stations and 13 million songs. With many other music streaming services in market, Samsung unveils ‘Milk Music’ exclusively for Galaxy phones. While its free and available only in US the company is ready to have a face off with Pandora, Spotify and Apple’s iTunes.

The app is designed to be easy to use and highly customizable, but it enters an already crowded space. There are numerous streaming music services, including Pandora, Spotify and Apple Inc’s iTunes Radio.

Milk’s distinctive dial design provides a more intuitive and natural way to listen to music that is more organic and fun. With no log-in required and no need to think of a specific artist, song name or browsing through a list of choices, you can just starting listening to music instantly. From Pop to Jazz and everything in between, the dial displays up to nine genre-based stations featuring a wide variety of music listening choices, with a simple and quick turn of the dial.

Samsung says that while it recognizes the competitive landscape, it also sees room for improvement in the services that are already available. The company’s app, which can now be downloaded from Google Play, won’t include advertising, but only works on Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones.

Earlier in the year 2013, at Google I/O, the company with various other products introduced Google play music, allowing users to listen music of their own choice. Primarily coming only for the Android platform, it was later introduced on the iOS platform too.

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