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Sendpulse Review – Email Marketing, SMTP Server & many more

Review of: SendPulse

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On January 4, 2018
Last modified:August 14, 2018


Sendpulse is another free email marketing software up to 2500 subscribers and 15000 emails per month with a lot of extra features like Artificial intelligence, webpush notification, SMTP etc. I found it awesome!

For online businesses that are looking for ways to increase the number of leads they receive and communicate more effectively with their customers, the transmission of bulk email, SMS, and web push notifications is one of the most efficient methods available. Today, there are many companies that offer such services, but most of them come with significant drawbacks in terms of the time it takes to learn the system, the lack of customization, and the price of sending large amounts of material.

sendpulse dashboard

However, there is a new system called SendPulse which promises to be better than the current crop of email marketing distributors. While SendPulse is relatively new to the field, it has already garnered considerable attention thanks to its showing in The Next Web SCALE pitch competition and being recognized by the same organization as being one of the best startups for 2016.
The question for those who are either using or considering email, SMS message, and web push notification systems is whether SendPulse is right for their needs. Here are three questions where the abilities of SendPulse were put to the test.

  • Is SendPulse Easy to Use?
    Yes, the SendPulse dashboard is very user-friendly anyone who is familiar with Facebook, Gmail and WordPress dashboard can easily use SendPulse without even reading help guide.
    sendpulse easy interface
    The system itself is very intuitive thanks to the simple setup that foregoes complicated menus and hard-to-understand creations systems and uses a drag-and-drop method for creating emails, messages, and notifications. You choose one of the templates available or use one that you created for your messaging system, place the material, and then send it out through the bulk distribution system. It’s very easy to use and even those with little to no experience can pick it up in a very short time.
  • Is SendPulse Inexpensive? Pricing
    Absolutely. When compared to many of the top email marketing systems, SendPulse not only rates favorably for its standard services but provides lower quotes for Emails and SMTP. In addition, SendPulse offers free web push notifications as part of their services. This means that you save even more money while getting the most out of this service.
    If you have less than 2500 subscribers to send newsletters, marketing offers etc you can send up to 15000 emails per month totally free without spending a single penny on your email marketing.

sendpulse pricing


SendPulse is Better at Getting Results Thanks to AI & Machine Learning
      Sendpulse email marketing has very unique features AI Learning and AB Split Testing which makes this platform outstanding from the crowd. AI allows a user to resend campaign to those users who did not open the last campaign so that you send to those to increase a campaign open rate.

sendpulse easy AB Testing feature

The answer is a surprisingly “Yes” thanks to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform which makes SendPulse unique. The platform is very intuitive which means that it adapts its messaging to the specific user, even if there are bulk messages being sent out. The system also uses a “Resend to Unopen” feature that sends another message to a recipient that didn’t open the first message sent. The results are an increase of up to 80% read and respond thanks to this simple, unique program. Click here to learn more about the all the AI features SendPulse has to offer.

Conclusion:  There is little doubt that SendPulse offers better services at lower prices than much of the competition currently available. For those who are just starting out, it offers a simple, intuitive system that is easy to use so you can try different messages with ease and see which ones work best. For those who have been using automated systems like SendPulse, the new features combined with the artificial intelligence means getting better results with less effort.
Bottom line, if you are not satisfied with the results of your current email, message, and web push notification distribution system, then SendPulse is the answer you have been looking for all this time.

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