A Guide to Effective Tactics that SEO Companies Using to Improve Page Ranking

For every website page to be ranked on the search engine it needs SEO activity. Billions of data have been searched every day so it’s no easy task to get your web page ranked. A good SEO strategy is critical for the website so business owners generally utilize the help of SEO Services. Here I will tell you what tactics these SEO companies are using to make your website competitive and maintain a strong ranking.

Here are some tactics that SEO Companies are using to improve page ranking:

  • Social Media Bowling.  Get content on high-profile social media entities to “knock-out” out others on SERPs on certain keywords
  • Choosing the right content/topics – High KEI.  Or in other words, not focusing on the head-terms, nor the long-tail, but somewhere in the fat-middle.
  • PR/Media – (link-backs from authoritative sources)
  • Developing user-generated content schemes/mechanics that are relevant and have value-add (Q&A systems, “knowledgebase”, Digg-like features, comment moderating/monitoring, forums, user profiles, etc)
  • Internal cross-linking keywords to spread Pagerank
  • Managing Keyword Density – content tweaks to optimize for the right keywords in content, sometimes called “writing for SEO” – however, there is a fine line between on-page keyword optimization and keyword stuffing. You can usually tell when you go overboard when it’s annoying to a human reader.
  • Reviewing analytics and SEO monitoring systems to measure efficacy.  “What gets measured, gets managed” – Peter Drucker
  • Directory submissions? (Do people still do this?)
  • Massive content creation strategies/techniques (Demand Media, Mahalo, AOL)
  • Alternative-Media SEO – News, YouTube/Videos, Images, Podcasts Optimization
  • Vertical/Local/Geo/Mobile Search Optimization
  • Digg/Reddit/Aggregator Link Baits – Create content that matters to those audiences
  • Blog Aggregator/Submission Syndication – Technorati, Feedburner, etc
  • Content Syndication – Give out some content, have users come to your site for more.  (Techcrunch on Washington Post)
  • Social Bookmarking/Tagging/Redirecting (Delicious, URL Shorteners, etc)
  • Comment/Forum Astro-turfing (please don’t do this)
  • Classic Link Baiting and Promotion – make content, widgets, shareware, “knowledge-wares,” ebooks that links back to your site
  • Maximizing Webmaster Tools (com/webmasters), Sitemap XML (sitemaps.org)
  • Above All – GREAT CONTENT


Conclusion: Following these points SEO service providing company maintain a strong ranking of your website. Each and every point should be taken care of. You take a look at these points just to make sure to not miss any important point.

About the Author Kalyani Kumari

A content marketer having experience in content writing. The passion of writing and reading leads me to become a content writer. My passion is the driving force behind writing the blogs.

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