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SEO Companies Tactic to improve page ranking when a website is ready for SEO?

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  • Social Media Bowling.  Get content on high-profile social media entities to “knock-out” out others on SERPs on certain keywords
  • Choosing the right content/topics – High KEI.  Or in other words, not focusing on the head-terms, nor the long-tail, but somewhere in the fat-middle.
  • PR/Media – (link-backs from authoritative sources)
  • Developing user generated content schemes/mechanics that is relevant and have value-add (Q&A systems, “knowledgebase”, digg-like features, comment moderating/monitoring, forums, user-profiles, etc)
  • Internal cross-linking keywords to spread Pagerank
  • Managing Keyword Density – content tweaks to optimize for the right keywords in content, sometimes called “writing for SEO” – however, there is a fine line between on-page keyword optimization and keyword stuffing. You can usually tell when you go overboard when its annoying to a human reader.
  • Reviewing analytics and SEO monitoring systems to measure efficacy.  “What gets measured, gets managed” – Peter Drucker
  • Directory submissions? (Do people still do this?)
  • Massive content creation strategies/techniques (Demand Media, Mahalo, AOL)
  • Alternative-Media SEO – News, YouTube/Videos, Images, Podcasts Optimization
  • Vertical/Local/Geo/Mobile Search Optimization
  • Digg/Reddit/Aggregator Link Baits – Create content that matters to those audience
  • Blog Aggregator/Submission Syndication – Technorati, Feedburner, etc
  • Content Syndication – Give out some content, have users come to your site for more.  (Techcrunch on Washington Post)
  • Social Bookmarking/Tagging/Redirecting (Delicious, URL Shorteners, etc)
  • Comment/Forum Astro-turfing (please don’t do this)
  • Classic Link Baiting and Promotion – make content, widgets, shareware, “knowledge-wares,” ebooks that links back to your site
  • Maximizing Webmaster Tools (com/webmasters), Sitemap XML (
  • Above All – GREAT CONTENT

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