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14 SEO New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

It’s time for one more New Year’s resolutions! Businesses set out to achieve many goals during the last year but don’t get to achieve them as expected. Whether the result was due to lack of money, resources, man power or time, at the end of the day, but businesses always have goals to keep working on. This isn’t something that should be supposed negatively but positively instead! In fact, if your business didn’t progress, it would idle and go down due to in providing the services your customers need or you may don’t have good internet marketing strategies.

If you’ve implemented some of these strategy already, congratulations on getting ahead on your local marketing! If not, start making doing one by one, set a deadline, and get started on these tasks right away!

1. Give your site an SEO audit.

You want your site ready for local optimization, don’t you? There’s nothing to fear, as /Woorank or Click Perfect free SEO Audit Report will give you everything you need to assess the health of your local prevalence and Google search engine rank! Give it a whirl to see which improvements to make.

2. Create a Google Plus Local page.

Your business’s online visibility will be at its best once you create a Google Plus Local page for it. Google plus Local helps manage your location and business listings that exist on Google Maps and Google Places.

3. Check your business’s local listings for duplicates.

As important as it is to have your local listings online, there are a few instance when duplicate listings are unintentionally created or the business name changes its title.

4. Make your website content location-specific.

A common practice in local SEO is ensuring sure you have location-specific pages (not blog posts, to explain) and content to rank more effectively in the search engines. When search engines crawl your website, they will find it as more targeted and valuable to local searchers.

5. Submit your site into local directories.

To get more publicity, you will need to get into directory databases. That is why the massive directories come in. These qualities directories are connected to a lot of the local listings sites that display businesses in their search results. All in all, the more you submit the site, the greater the reach your business and brand will receive.

6. Add the city and state to your website’s title tags.

Optimizing your title tags is often an unnoticed practice, and it is necessary to optimize your local business for its physical location. Your business will surely rank higher than other, Adding the location address makes your site much more relevant to mobile searchers as well, which is made up of a very large amount of potential consumers.  eg: <title>Tour Packages for Goa |  Delhi</title>

7. Be more active on social media network.

If you want to be appropriate in our connected world, your business needs to be on social media. In addition, try not to completely blast social updates to your audience; remember that they are people who want to be engaged in excess of anything, not just sold to.

8. Use Pinterest Place Pins.

A very useful social media network is Pintrest, You can Place Pins which help users find local small businesses. Sign up for Pinterest and take advantage of this excellent digital marketing tool to get to more consumers using visually engaging content your business can generate.

9. Sign up for Foursquare.

Foursquare is a local listing site that encourages customers to make repeated visits to your company page. The app profile and business listing are free, which provides a value authority link to connect to your brand with little bother. Foursquare offers a useful network to stay connected to your customers also.

10. Research and target some new local key phrases.

If you want success in organic local search traffic, it is always best to review and bring up to date your targeted keyword list. The market is always changing and if you can’t stay ahead of the ever-evolving search terms of searchers, your competitors will take advantage of much more fruitful search engine queries

11. Sign up for Google Authorship.

If you haven’t done Google authorship verification still we recommend you to do Google Authorship and setting up your page as a publisher. Better than just tracking your identity, it gives you integrity that only Google verification can give you.

12. Make it easy for your customers to contact you.

Keep your contact information (Email, Address, contact Number, etc.) all in the same place. You’d be surprised how hard it is to find the information you’re looking for on many business websites. Place the information in the footer or header of the homepage. Of course, adding a contact page is another way to keeping things simple for your customers.

13. Use a local phone number.

No more “1800” numbers this year! To get better local SEO Result, you must localize every aspect. However, the core reason your business should use local numbers is to use call tracking. Numbers that don’t use local area codes bar you from learning which demographics are calling your company. The more you know about your potential customers, the better you can make your business. It’s that simple.

14. And Finally Tag your website with Rich Snippets Schema Markup.

Tagging your website with schema markup allows Google to dig out only the most important information and data about your business for searchers to see in search engine result page (SERPs),    test your site with Google’s Markup Testing Tool to help analyze your content. More about schema.

What are your SEO New Year’s resolutions? Share  in the comments below! Here’s to a successful and prosperous 2017!

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