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Top 5 Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress Blog


When you are thinking of the imperative features of a WordPress site for a blog, business or magazine, you cannot even think of going without a social sharing tool. This is especially true in this age when it is no more an exaggeration to say that lives revolve around the social media.
This goes without saying the user sharing through the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on are absolutely essential for attracting more traffic to your site, accumulating more revenue and making sure that your business stays connected with the customers. That is why every competent company considers social sharing plugin to be an indispensable inclusion for any site.
In, when you type in the word “social share buttons” nine hundred and fourteen plugins show up. The number may have taken your breath away but it does not count all the quality premium options available.
So you have to keep aside about one part of the day to just go through the options and sort them out. Or you can just try the ones that are handpicked for you in this article so that you can save on both time and effort and also can succeed in getting the best one for your site. Just read on.

  • Monarch
    Created by the team at Elegant Themes, Monarch happens to be an incredible social sharing plugin. This one is filled with impressive features like they display the social counts after reaching a certain number which is super great for avoiding the need for any social proof.
    Added to that, it comes with an impressive looking interface that enables you to monitor social shares plus you can display the social icons in any widget bars or your sidebar.  There are also some exciting placement options that include fly-inns and pop-ups for boosting social shares.monarch social plugin
    This plugin is built with speed in mind and is still feature-rich and the best USP is the value that you get by gaining the membership of the Elegant Themes.

Download Monarch Plugin

  • Social Warfare –
    After using this plugin, customers have reported over 300 percent increase in social shares. Social Warfare has become the go-to plugin for social sharing for WordPress for many users now.
    This allows you to add eye-catching social sharing buttons to your blog in a variety of sites. You can add share buttons below or above the post and can even opt for floating share buttons or those added through short codes.
    social warfare
    And above all that, you can get access to a number of features that can give a massive boost to your social shares.

 Download Social Warfare

  • Ultimate Social –
    With 22 fan counters and 25 social share buttons the Ultimate Social plugin is also quite proficient. The social sharing buttons are pretty simple and they can be inserted with the help of short codes, floating bars and plugins.
    The settings of the dashboard also offer different color combinations for branding. The best part is that it integrates easily with platforms like Easy Digital Downloads and Jigoshop.

    ultimate social plugin

    The only shortcoming is that a few options of placement show up in the back-end that makes it more complex than the others.

Download Ultimate Social

  • MashShare –
    Just like its name MashShare permits you to add visually stunning social share buttons that mimic the Mashable style. The best part is that it does not depend on external scripts. Everything gets loaded directly from the site that enhances both privacy as well as speed.
    Added, to that you can also hide your actual counts until your social share reaches a particular number. If you add on the extensions then it can support different placements of buttons, added social networks, page view counters and much more.

mashare wordpress plugin

 Download Mashare Plugin

  • SumoMe
    You will get an entire suite of options with this one. But only the social shares buttons are focused here. SumoMe wins the hearts with its sheer simplicity. It only takes a few minutes to activate the plugins. SumoMe also provides almost the largest number of social network buttons.
    sumo me plugin
    Added to that, you can manage the layout, mobile optimization, inline sharing, services, display rules and much more. The dashboard even comes with a shortener of URL for cleaning all the links that get shared through your site. Overall the user-experience rocks with SumoMe.

Download Sumo Plugin

The above are some of the social sharing plugins that the web development companies recommend to increase your social media followers & fans. These are more convenient and deliver most of the features that one seeks to be included in the social share plugins.

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