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7 Startup Ideas for Students to Run Business on the Internet


For many students finding a job while still in college is not even an option – it’s a must.
    “A job might bring you something more than just money: some work experience, some extra skills, and so on.”
But if your schedule doesn’t allow you to find a decent part-time job or the available opportunities just don’t seem right for you, you can always consider going further and starting your own business.
    These days it’s much easier than before as you are able to do this online. This means that you won’t need to ruin your schedule, will be able to work as much as you need, and won’t have to spend time on getting somewhere to work.
     Sometimes the whole perspective of starting their own online business terrifies students. The idea of it seems too complex – but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of businesses you can start with minimal investments and only a certain level of experience.
     So if this seems appealing to you, here are 7 simple yet effective online startup ideas to consider.

  • Website development.

As technologies develop, most businesses (both big and small) go online – and you can help them with that.
Of course, website development is a complex thing that requires a lot of different skills, from design to coding and even writing (after all, most of the websites do need to be filled with high-quality content). But the great thing about it is that you don’t need to be able to do all of this on your own – you can find all the specialists you need on campus.

You could consider working separately as well if teamwork doesn’t feel like the right thing for you. However, in this case, it would be better to focus on a certain area of website creation and to hone your skills in this niche instead of trying to master everything. even if you don’t have team or circle of techie students using cms technology you can do it alone after little read and research. time has changed and CMS Brought revolution in web designing industry now, anyone even without any coding skill can create small business websites using cms and predesigned template/themes.

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  • YouTube channel or a blog.
    If you have an interesting personality, some creative skills or some knowledge you’re willing to share with the others, you can consider turning yourself into a brand. There are plenty of platforms that allow doing so, from well-known YouTube where you can post videos to WordPress and Medium where anyone can start a blog.
    The choice of the platform (as well as the type of the content) is up to you. Such option would be great for those who are passionate about something or set on one goal a blog or a YouTube channel could help them achieve. The only thing you need to keep in mind while trying this out is that such startup won’t bring you immediate profit. In fact, it might take quite a while before you start making money with the help of it.

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  • Paper writing or Article Writing
    If you spend a lot of time on studying and are focused on your education, why not use your existing knowledge to help the others as well? There are probably many students who are too busy to complete all of their writing assignments on time – or simply need someone to help them improve their grades. You could always become a paper writer to help them.
    There are two ways to do. First is to apply to some of the many paper writing services. However, you need to have some really impressive knowledge to get a job there as they work with graduates mostly. Second is try offering your services to fellow students on campus. Keep in mind that this option might be a bit risky though.

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  • Personal training or coaching.
    If you aren’t confident in yourself enough to write papers for others or help the others to improve their grades, this still doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to help them with the other areas of their lives. Maybe you love sports and are able to develop a training program for someone? Or maybe you’ve managed to lose a lot of weight successfully and so can give the others some nutrition tips? Or maybe you manage your finances effectively?
    If you’re good at something, there’s a big chance you could help the others become good at this as well. So access your skills, try to think what are your strong sides and how could you use them to earn money.

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  • Social media management.
    There are plenty of students who check their social media regularly just to kill time. If you do enjoy spending time there, maybe you could learn how to work with social media and how to help the others promote their businesses or brands there?
    Maybe you were able to figure this out yourself, building up your Instagram followers. Maybe you still feel like you need to learn more about this – in this case, you can take a couple of Coursera courses or Skill-share ones to strengthen your skills, and then start looking for clients.

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  • Handmade seller.
    Some students have amazing handmade skills, crafting wonderful things just as a hobby. But they don’t need to remain just a hobby. If you like what you do and have a feeling the others might like it as well, you can try starting an Instagram account or an Easy shop to sell your goods. Handmade things are always valued.
    And if you consider this too expensive, keep in mind that there’s always a way to save money on handmade – for example, by purchasing the materials directly from a craft supplier, by purchasing in bulk, and so on.

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  • Affiliate marketing.
    Maybe you’re the one who is always eager to recommend something in a certain store to a friend or to write customers reviews on websites like Amazon, and so on. In this case, you could also try to earn money with the help of that by participating in various affiliate programs.
    Of course, this is easier to do when you have a certain website or blog – but you can also use your social media accounts for that. There are plenty of affiliate marketing options available, so do a research, pick the ones that seem the most appealing – and start trying them out.

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Final Words: Starting your own business might seem like a complex and terrifying idea, but once you think about the startup options available these days, you’ll realize this isn’t as unachievable as before. All you need to do is to pick a thing you like and are good at – and try turning it into your business.


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