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5 Actionable Techniques To Enhance Your Blog Rankings

Do you want to boost up your ranking of keywords in Google? Are you not aware of how doing this task? Undoubtedly, it is a million dollar question for every blogger.

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No more delay as I am going to suggest you to verify the present position of your keywords so that it will assist you to follow the improvement after tracking my suggestions. Here is a long list of  tools of the google keyword position checker to help you out.

Optimize the title of the blog post:

The title of your blog post is the anchor text that drags numerous visitors in from the pages of the search engine. Do not forget to add keywords into it, if possible the ones you wish to rank for.

1. Use Long tail Keywords

Use more targeted and narrower keywords in place of broad keywords. For instance: If you have an article about “Long Tail Keywords” go for “How To Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO” rather than a broad “Long Tail Keywords” only.

2. Use Modifier in Title

Try using actionable and psychological keywords in your blog post title. You can significantly boost your ranking using keywords like “updated”, “step by step guide, practical tips” etc.

3.Title & Description Length

Keep your title tags within 59 characters. Google considers 50-59 characters in displaying on a 512-pixel screen which means an average 55 lettered title tag is optimum.

  • Use keywords to post and media

When you already have lots of content, then try to add keywords in this manner that does not look stuffed. Do not forget to use several related keywords in the post content that have equal value of search. Believe me guys, it will definitely help you very much to attain ranked on Google.

Nowadays, search engines have become extra instinctive and can recognize a useless keyword stuffed article from actual ones with related keywords as well.

Useful Suggestions:

For a good ranking of search engine, put your major keyword within the first para or within 100 words and repeat these keywords in the conclusion too.

  • For photos, try applying alt tags. Alt tags will dramatically enhance your organic traffic and ranking through image search functionality of search engines. You can also try optimizing the name of the image to something linked with the post rather than a random camcorderimg345, image0001, etc.
  • On an average 2 percent of the total amount of wording should use to stuff keywords.
  • Make your Content Repurposeful

When you are creating content that is worth showing off why provide it the similar older costumes. Just remember Uncle Scrooge and Donald duck as they were the cartoon characters that appeared amazing with the same outfit per day. You should do the same things with your blog posts to add new types of content like slides, videos and images that are simply rankable.

Useful Suggestions:

You can change your post in an innovative way like video. You can make a teaser with the help of PowerPoint presentation transformed into video. Then, upload this video to YouTube with the links to your blog post.

  • Changed the posts into pdf and syndicate them to websites like Slideshare. Slideshare is the YouTube for promoters. So take advantage of its vast potential.

Do you know this fact that search engine crawl SlideShare per second? It is just because the large amount of submissions. Every person can utilize this to get their posts ranked high just after publication of content.

4.Commenting on The Blog:

Which has primarily built relationships and was done to interact now a great approach of getting noticed. You can look for commentluv and keywordluv allowed blogs to leave your preferred links.

Useful Suggestions:

Never comment on blogs that are inappropriate and spammy to your niche. This will stop your website from being flagged by Google and alsodecrease the bounce rate that the viewers of those blogs would bring to you.

  • Try to apply the tricks of commenting immediately you publish a blog or an article on the website. Come, we share one secret trick:

After publishing your blog post do a fast search of the keywords on the Google which you are focused on. May be, Google has not crawled on yours up till now, so jump to the top five websites that are:

  • have commentluv allowed
  • linked with your topic
  • have still new and good comments flowing in and

Start writing good comments and try to avoid meaningless comments on your post. Now you can leave your current and new post links. It will surely assist to achieve your post indexed sooner and you can attain referral viewers from those websites.

5 Guest blogging:

Guest blogging is a forever hit formula. You can actually use guest posts to draw attention to related posts of yours, which are in-context. To have a guest post on an authoritative website will obviously enhance the ranking of your blog and visibility of search engine.

If you are just a beginner on guest blogging, then first of all, you must read all instructions and guidelines of guest blogging.

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