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Tips to Boost Your Business with Social Media Marketing

6 Simple Tips to Boost Your Business with Social Media Marketing

There are already over 1.82 billion social network users worldwide, and yet this number continues to grow exponentially with each second that passes by.

Therefore, it is only natural to include a successful social media marketing plan in the expansion of your business enterprise. Using social media marketing effectively can significantly widen the range of opportunities for your business.

In this article I’ve compiled 6 completely basic but largely helpful pieces of advice that will help boost any business enterprise.

  1. Understand your market.

With the emergence of business analytics tools free of charge, there is absolutely no reason not to define your target market. You should know your target market and their usual interests in order to cater to their needs and wants better.

Once you have established a solid following from your chief target market, you now have the support, experience and allowance to explore less ventured business options.

For instance, an effective Facebook marketing strategy can activate a generous following from Facebook users. Facebook marketing is a great way to tap into a wide and general audience. For more specific audiences, however, websites with particular niches such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc. are preferable.

  1. Regulate your content.

Do not badger your customers with your posts. This will not only irritate your customers but also keep other potential customers from coming back.

Again, there over a 1.82 billion social network users, not only ready to scrutinize every detail of your work but also open to different interpretations of your post.

Always proofread your content before posting. Make sure that your content is in no way harmful to all types of people, especially to your rival businesses if you’d like to stay far from allowing tension to escalate into legal repercussions and disputes.

Prioritize checking the context of the post before checking the technical parts, which include spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary etc.

In line with this, you should also be prepared to take in all sorts of feedback. Some feedback may be inherently helpful but more often than not people can be ridiculously and unreasonably mean and hurtful.

Regardless whether people would want to intentionally harm you or not, be psychologically prepared and stable to handle criticism as constructively as you possibly can. This will serve as your business’ motivation to deliver better service.

  1. Conduct regular assessments.

Review the marketing plan performance. Take time to pause and productively reflect on what’s working for your business. Are there any points of concern? Should there be any revisions? Should you change your platform? Are there possible other markets that need our products more?

  1. Utilize all possible social avenues.

I’m not saying you should place your business logo in every corner of every website that you see. Every social media platform serves a specific purpose with a specific method. It is your job however to see whether your business can adapt and more importantly thrive in particular social media platforms.

Let’s take for instance the leading contender for social networking: Facebook. Facebook marketing has played its part in so many success stories in countless businesses worldwide. Developing an effective Facebook marketing strategy alone can generate enough traffic that kicks your business up a notche.

Your responsibility however is to keep the progress consistent by constantly brushing up on new Facebook marketing tips every now and then. The same method goes for any other social media site that might help you boost your business.

Acquire an updated email list. Yes, people still use email. In fact, a survey research made in 2012 reported that 91 percent of consumers still check their email every day. Therefore, tapping into this sizable contact information resource can generate more direct engagement with your customers.

Locate blogs and websites that might agree to you posting your content in their sites (for a decent sponsorship price in return most probably). Once you do, make sure your content is sufficiently credited. Watermarks and business logos should be placed strategically in all your content to avoid plagiarism.

  1. Encourage engagement.

Express genuine interest for the welfare of your customers. Your customers can distinguish self-centred promotional schemes from actual commitment.

Again let’s use Facebook as an example, simply because it has so many features to use as examples. A good Facebook marketing strategy can comprise of two basic customer relation tactics: engagement and incentivizing.

Good Facebook marketing tips that showcase good examples of engagement between you and your customers include creating open forums and responding to customer reviews. Good Facebook marketing tips that show good examples of incentivizing, on the other hand, include online contests and limited edition product giveaways exclusively found online. You can use equivalent methods in other sites such as Twitter and Instagram to generate the traffic from the most number of users.

You can also organize collaborations and cross-promotions with other brands. This combines each of all participating parties’ traffic together to form a larger support system.

  1. Keep adapting.

More often than not, the business enterprises that cannot quickly adapt to the constantly changing business environment are the ones who often die out early. Your business marketing plans should be flexible enough to adapt once it is needed.

Always find new ways to interest and connect to your customers. Find more suitable graphics. Venture into different media formats such as audio, photography, videography etcetera to heighten your social media expertise.

Changing your platform from time to time may bring in the change you seek but you’re just too scared or unsure of its success. Successful social media marketing plan requires trial and errors and leaps of faith. Do not hesitate to embrace change every once in a while.

Once you’ve added something new to your social media marketing arsenal, assess its performance. Did it open up new business opportunities? Should there be any modifications?

Understanding the fundamental principles underlying each of these 6 simple tips can improve your social media marketing strategies, and more importantly, help you operate your business at optimum potential.

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