10 Best PDF Conversion Tools for Window Users 2017

10 Best PDF Conversion Tools for Window Users

In this post we will be sharing the top 10 PDF editors with their features and price information.

The portable document format, more commonly known as a PDF, captures a document much in the same way that a printed document would. PDFs can be sent anywhere and viewed on any operating system without worrying about compatibility issues. As popularity of the PDF has grown, so has the need for programs that allow you to create, edit and share these files. Convert PDF software does more than convert and edit. It offers a large range of features to let you manipulate, comment on and secure multiple PDFs.

So, here is PDF conversion 10 tools to make your PDF document conversion work easy.

  •  Foxit Phantom PDF(PAID)  – It is a multipurpose one when it comes to viewing, creating & editing PDF documents from your PC. While editing part of Phantom PDF includes features like paragraph editing, object arrangement, inclusion of watermarks and page customization, the tool offers some other stunning features such as scanning and OCR, document signing and other security features, converting and exporting into various formats like Microsoft Office files etc. Price: $89 for Standard version & $129 for Business.

 conversion toolconversion tool

  • Icecream PDF Split & Merge (Free) –Ice cream PDF Split & Merge is the optimal tool to check out. The tool doesn’t let you edit content of the PDF document but you can use it to split, rearrange and merge pages from various PDF files. You can have different PDF splitting modes, range-based splitting, encrypt files to ensure security etc.

conversion tool


  • NUANCE POWER PDF 2(Paid) – Intuitive and easy to use, especially if you’re familiar with Microsoft Office. We have little doubt that most users will be able to quickly get up and running with it. We found the reviewing features particularly comprehensive, proving means of annotating, marking text in various ways and drawing attention to parts of a document, and it’s great that there’s now support for touchscreens. Given that it’s so much cheaper than Acrobat, it makes a lot of sense for small business use. Price: Standard (£99).

conversion toolconversion tool


  • ADOBE ACROBAT PRO XI (PAID) – Apart from in-document editing of Text and other content, you have a great range of conversion features.You can convert a Microsoft Office file like Word or PowerPoint to PDF Document in no time, at the same time converting PDF into any of these Formats. Also, there are options to merge different kinds of files as to Form a single PDF file. As a whole, Adobe Acrobat Pro is just awesome. Price: $14.99 per month

conversion toolconversion tool

  • PDF FESCAPE (FREE) – PDFescape is yet another web-based PDF editor To depend upon when you are hesitant towards downloads and the Installation  procedure. Once you have uploaded the PDF file into servers of PDF escape, you can edit it accordingly by using tools like white out, text insertion, form field etc. It’s a simple task, and you will love editing.

conversion toolconversion tool

  • PDF ERASER (FREE) – Free PDF editing application for Windows. It let’s you delete text, images, logos and other unnecessary objects from PDF files. You can erase the contents from existing PDF file and can add text or images to the file easily. You can rotate the pages in PDF files also. You can undo the changes also.

conversion tool

  • INKSCAPE (FREE) -Free and easy to use vector graphics editor. You can use it as a PDF editor also. You can open and edit PDF files with it.You can change the text in PDF files. You can insert or delete the images present in PDF files. You can apply formatting to the text in PDF files. Inkscape as a PDF editing tool is good choice for users who want to edit their PDF files for free. It is also available in portable version.

conversion toolconversion tool

  • PDFEDIT (FREE) – Open source PDF editing software available free for Windows. It lets you edit PDF files easily. You can add, change or delete the text present in PDF files. It sometimes crashes when editing PDF files. You can highlight the text in your PDF files. You can search for specific text also. You can also insert images in your PDF files.

conversion toolsconversion tools

  • LIBREOFFICE DRAW (FREE) – Feature rich application and you can use it as a PDF editor also. It is very easy to use. You can edit editable PDFs very easily. You can change or insert text, images etc. in your PDF files. You have to use the export feature to save the edited PDF in PDF form; otherwise you can save the file to LibreOffice Draw file format i.e. ODG.

conversion tool

conversion tool

  • PDF XCHANGE VIEWER (FREE, PAID) – Free PDF viewer and you can use it as PDF editor software also. To use it as a PDF editor is a little bit tricky. You can insert the new text easily but for existing text you can apply strikeout or underline easily. To change or overwrite the existing text you have to insert a new rectangle or any other shape and color it with white color. Now type the text and place it over the shape. Similarly you can hide images with an shape with matching page color. You can save the edited file in the same PDF format. New features in PDF-XChange Editor – fantastic Bookmark plug-in and export to PowerPoint.Price :  $43.50 Pro

conversion tool

Each free PDF Editor comes with its own set of limitations and might not support a true document editing with the same ease as we can edit a doc file. 

There are tons of different PDF solutions out there, but these are the best ones around in our opinion. If you’ve got a favorite we didn’t mention, let us know what it is and why you love it in the comments.


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