How to Uninstall Safari Browser with Movavi Mac Cleaner

Uninstall Safari Browser on a Mac Easily

Safari is the web browser that’s included with the Mac OS X. Many people use it all the time, but others prefer browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. So, if you one day decide to use a different browser and want to delete Safari from your MacBook or iMac, how should you go about this? First of all, you should keep in mind that Apple does not recommend uninstalling built-in apps like Safari, as it may affect the normal functioning of other applications. That’s why it’s impossible to remove Safari by simply dragging it to the Trash – the Mac OS will prevent you from doing so. So, if you do want to uninstall Safari, you will need an application remover. We recommend you use Movavi Mac Cleaner – a multi-functional application that, among other things, knows how to remove Safari from a Mac quickly and safely. Just download the program and follow the simple instructions below.

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All Mac computers come pre-installed with Safari browsers for surfing the web conveniently. However, many Mac owners have preferred to use other types of browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you are not using Safari browser anymore, you can get it uninstalled to save some hard disk space. Many people wonder how to uninstall it when they keep getting an error that deleting it will affect the performance of the system. You can’t delete it by moving it into the trash bin but you can use a Mac Cleaner software to delete it. Mac Cleaner software like Movavi Mac Cleaner features an uninstaller tool that can uninstall all kinds of apps on Mac computers including the system apps that are pre-installed by default and other apps that you install yourself.

To uninstall Safari, you will first have to download Movavi Mac Cleaner from the Movavi site and run the setup to get it installed on your computer. You can click the shortcut on the desktop to launch Movavi Mac Cleaner. When it is launched, it will run an automatic scan on your computer for junk files. In just a few minutes, it will tell you what condition your computer is and how much hard disk space you can save by deleting the junk files. You can’t skip the scanning so you will have to wait until it finished scanning. When it finished scanning, you can go to the uninstaller tool by clicking on Uninstaller on the left. You will see 3 tabs and you should click on OS X apps to uninstall safari.

Step 1. Install Mac Cleaner Movavi

Step 2. Uninstall Safari

In OS X Apps tab, you can right-click and choose sort by name to arrange the apps alphabetically. After that, you have to scroll down and look for the first letter that starts with S to find the Safari browser. You must check the checkbox next to the Safari app to select it. If you see other apps that you want to uninstall in the OS X Apps tab, you can also check them so that they can be deleted at the same time. The total amount of spaces that you can freed after uninstalling the checked apps can be found at the bottom. You can also see the size of each individual app in the uninstaller. If you forgot what apps you have checked, you can right click and choose checked first. In this way, all the apps that you checked will appear on top of the list which makes it easy for you to review them.


You can press the Remove button to start the uninstallation process of the apps. The progress bar will pop up to shows the progress of the uninstallation of the apps you have selected. It will only take a while to uninstall the Safari browser from your computer. After the uninstallation process is completed, all the files associated with Safari will be deleted. Before you uninstall Safari, make sure you disable the settings of Safari on other applications so that you won’t encounter any error following the uninstallation. You can quit Movavi Mac Cleaner after you have Safari browser uninstalled from your computer.


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