What is Forum Submission?

Forum Submission

Forum Submission is a way of online discussion sites. To discuss your viewpoint on a given topic. During the discussion not only one can preset his/her viewpoints but also give feedbacks, propose and second and share knowledge. People generally visit the forum to gain and share knowledge. Most Forum Submissions involves the formation of community through the group of people who are genuinely interested in helping others. Forums also help increasing website ranking and are powerful do follow backlinks.

Origins of Forums

Forums are technological advancements in bulletin boards, computer conferencing and chat rooms. Forums differ from chat rooms as they are more official and demi-official and usually revolve around a topic. The submissions are longer and are temporarily archived.

The first few forums were developed in the 1970s. They were rudimentary dial-up bulletin board system and user-net. The BIBS system and KOM System were first of the kind operationally in 1976 and 1977 respectively.

10 Steps Guide to start a forum Submission

There are many ways in which one can post their views and reviews in Forum. Few of the easy steps are as follow:

  1. If you have the link to the forum copy link.
  2. Paste the link of the forum into the browser address bar. Hence you can find out hundreds or even thousands of forum.
  3. Choose any of the forums from Google Search.
  4. Go to ‘post reply’ click on ‘register’.
  5. Fill in the form provided by the forum agree to read terms and conditions.
  6. In most of the cases, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you for verification.
  7. Post verification your account has activated “Forum account” you will be able to comment on this forums.
  8. Go back to the Forum and log in using User ID and password which you have created.
  9. Add your comment and then you will be able to see your comments.
  10. Let the Forum know the exact purpose of your joining The Forum by going to the user control panel edit your signature and put your signature. This is the signature with which you want to post on Forum.

Getting Banned from a Forum Submission

Most Forums are governed by rules and regulations which are made by the administrators and governed by moderators. The bias information about these rules and regulation is available in FAQ Section. When rules are broken usually warning is given. If in case the warning goes unnoticed the user is exiled or banned for certain durations or certain privileges. Lastly, if the need is the Forum bans the user for the lifetime.


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Some of the common offenses for which the user ID gets permanently banned are:

Offensive language:

Offensive language or offending contents are usually deleted and ID banned for lifetime.


Posting of off-topic, forcing users to digress from current topic and breaching the netiquette of an established online community will also lead to suppression of User ID.

Sock Puppet:

The single user having multiple ID’S so as to puppet contents in the favor of puppeteer.

Double Posting:

The user in order to create influence or increase the number of posts. Sometimes post the same message twice.


Spamming is the willful act of the user of updating single or keywords multiple times in the Forum. This is a common trolling technique for unpaid advertisement and is against the forums rule.

Necro postings:

When a user deliberately revives the old thread so that it appears above the new threads and more active threads are known as necro postings.

Forum Submission and SEO campaign

Forum posting is similar to online article submission, is among the most powerful SEO techniques. Article submission generally refers to the writing of articles that are relevant to your business, whereas in forum submission one needs to find a relevant forum and thread or create their own thread for submission/promotion of business.


Forums are placed on the internet where likeminded people gather and discuss the topics. The technique of discussion refers to as forum submission. In recent years forum submission has become a very important tool in floating ones thought, sharing of knowledge and information and promoting one’s business ideas.

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