In an increasingly digital world, learning digital marketing for career or to start or promote a business is essential it is important to know about digital marketing that what exactly it is and how it will help them and what are the pros and cons of digital marketing and what are the hidden benefits which many are unaware or confused about. In this webinar by Shamsher Khan and Alok Kashyap, we will discuss the elements of digital marketing with special attention paid to its benefit for the different audience like students, working professionals, housewife that how digital  marketers are using this new age marketing techniques to help  grow their income and live a laptop lifestyle at any stage of life and in any financial situation with or without any investment one can earn if they have the right approach and mentor.

Who can Join Digital Marketing Webinar

if you are students and in middle of planning your career, working professional stuck in a range of salary/income or a businessman struggling to increase revenue and sales it is for YOU!

Overview of  Webinar

  • Title: How Digital Marketing Can change Your Financial Situation & LifeStyle
  • Duration: 1 hour, 1 minute
  • When:     Every Sunday @ 21:00 IST
  • Where:  Online @ Google Hangout –  [email protected]


In This Webinar, You Will Learn

  • What is digital marketing exactly
  • How I can earn online, start or upgrade my career or  increase business revenue
  • Pros and cons of digital marketing
  • Does digital marketing required investment