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Email Marketing continues to be an effective consumer communications tool in Digital Marketing despite the challenges of deliver-ability, inbox stand-out and list member dormancy.
This Email Marketing training course you will learn how email marketing send promotional emails to the mass to advertise products/services and to drive to drive traffic online & to analyze open rate, engagement rate, and conversion rate etc.

Email Marketing Course Module:

  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • The Evolution of Email Marketing
  • Online versus Offline Marketing
  • When to Use Email Marketing in the Marketing Mix
  • Building an Email Database
  • Opt-in Options
  • Managing Your Email Database
  • Email Delivery Software Solutions
  • Planning and Creating Email Campaigns
  • Types of Marketing Campaigns That Are Best Suited to Email Marketing
  • Examples of Good and Bad Email Marketing Pieces
  • Handling Responses
  • Integrating Email into the Overall Marketing Mix
  • Testing & Measurement
  • Legislation & Data Protection
  • Case Studies
  • Email as Conversation
  • Creating the Email
  • Landing Pages
  • The Mailing List
  • Spam and Blacklists
  • Working with Email Service Providers (ESPs)
  • Combining Email with Other Channels
  • Marketing Automation Basics
  • Advanced Marketing Automation
  • Metrics & Measurement

Assessment of Your Email Marketing SEO Skills & Certification

Certification:  Certification from Click Perfect after course completion.
Course Outcome:  will be able to send a bulk email at low cost using your own server.

1 Months (10 hours theory + practical)


  • Technical: Basic knowledge of Internet, Email & Website Surfing
  • Academic: 10+2 or higher, should be proficient in English

Course Fee

Rs. 10,000/- for one-time payment, or pay Rs.11,000/- in two installments

If you are looking for Email Marketing 1 to 1 Online Training that is both affordable and yet completely effective in helping you kick-start a rewarding career as an Email Marketer, why wait? Contact for Class Schedule & Admission Online through Skype/Google Hangout anytime.