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Google AdWords Training – 1 on 1 Live

In this Google AdWords training course, you will learn how to create Google AdWords campaigns that boost traffic, increase sales and build your business online – learn from my 6 years of experience.

Google Adwords Course Modules:

  • Introduction to AdWords
  • Account Structure
  • Keywords and Match Types
  • Creating Text and Search Ads
  • Ad Extensions
  • Display Ads
  • Display Targeting
  • Campaign Types and Settings
  • Advertising Metrics
  • Bidding and Bid Modifiers
  • Quality Score
  • AdWords Reports
  • AdWords Tools
  • Optimizing Your Account
  • AdWords Display Advertising
  • AdWords Mobile Advertising
  • AdWords Search Advertising
  • AdWords Video Advertising

What is this course about?

The Google advertising network has become the cornerstone of digital marketing today. Google dominates online marketing with its search, mobile, display and video advertising channels.

Skills & Certification

  • Certifications: from Click Perfect Institute of Course Completion
  • Adwords Certificat: You will become a Google certified AdWords professional.
  • Course Outcome: Creating a branding strategy and lead generation using AdWords & Other PPC Program.

Course Duration

  • 1 Months 16 hours theory + practical)


  • Technical: Basic knowledge of Internet Marketing.
  • Academic: Anyone who willing to learn can learn.

Course Fee

Rs. 10,000/- for a one-time payment, or pay Rs.12,000/- in two installments

This course is designed to get you exam-ready for the Google AdWords professional certifications and endow you with the practical knowledge required to be an effective paid marketing professional.

What are the course objectives?

Complete Google AdWords Professional training is designed to provide a solid foundation for to ace Google advertising. After this course you will be able to:

  1. Master the Google tools and techniques to qualify as a Google Advertising expert
  2. Formulate, plan, and execute different types of campaigns using the Google Advertising Network
  3. In-depth understanding of the different types of bidding methods and bidding strategies for the higher return on marketing investment.
  4. Leverage different Google advertising network to increase brand awareness or increase conversions
  5. Ace top Google AdWords certification exams like AdWords Fundamentals, Search certification, Display certification, Video certification, and Mobile certification

Who should enroll in this training?

This training can be attended by anyone who wants to build a career in Google pay per click advertising and become Google certified. This course is also of great value to aspiring digital marketers who want to master Google AdWords, and for traditional marketers who have the desire to learn online marketing techniques, as well as business owners/entrepreneurs. Contact for Class Schedule  & to discuss further.