Lead Generation Course Skype Online

Generating leads is essential in moving the sales process forward and helping your organization profit. Learning professional skills and techniques to generate high-quality sales leads is the best investment you can make in your business.  Strong lead generation begins with generating interest in the services and products you and your organization offer.
I will show you how to design, implement and make lead generation ideas work together. No business can grow without generating leads.

This course is designed to help you will learn how experts generate leads and why your website is not generating leads and sales and how to generate more leads and sales using various lead generation concepts.

Lead Generation Course Modules:

  • Research techniques to assist in designing your lead generation plan
  • Ways to turn your website into a self-sufficient lead generator machine
  • Social Networking Marketing Strategies for Leads
  • Advertising and promotions that will lure buyers
  • Other Paid & Free Advertising to Generate Leads
  • How to utilize search engine optimization (SEO) for Leads
  • Creating Effective Lead Generation Landing Page
  • Content Strategy for Lead Capturing Pages
  • Themes & Template for Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation Plugins & Extensions
  • Lead Generation Funnel Creation
  • Lead Nurturing Techniques
  • Leads Management Softwares
  • Lead Generation Process Automation
  • Understanding Lead Generation Focus Campaigns
  • Tools of The Trade – Everything You Need to Generate Leads
  • Expert Advice & Checklist: (for affordable lead generation techniques)
  • Question-Answer Session to re-capture everything you have learned

If you are a Sales and marketing professional, business owner or freelancer and interested in learning how to generate leads and minimize lead cost then, I promise you will get benefit from this course. Stop thinking that your website and online advertisement campaign alone is enough to generate quality leads.

Assessment of Your Skills & Certification 

  • Certificate: A certificate from our institute after course completion
  • Outcome: will be able to implement various techniques to generate more leads than ever before.


  • 1 Week (7 hours theory + practical)


  • Technical: Basic knowledge of  Computer & Internet Surfing
  • Academic: Not applicable (anyone can learn)

Course Fee

  • INR 7,000 / 100 USD one-time payment

If you are looking for lead generation training online you can join this affordable and yet completely effective online 1 to 1 training which will help you generate more leads for your business OR kick-start a rewarding career as a lead generation expert. Contact for Trial Class Schedule & Admission online.

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