Blogging Course for Begginers

15,000.00 Rs. 12,000.00 Rs.

This free blog course is ideal for learners who want to create their own blogs online but lack the skills, knowledge, or confidence to do it and don’t know why million of people, as well as moms sitting at home, are blogging.


Blogging for Beginner – 30-Day Step-By-Step Course to Successful Blogging

Learn the secret of creating profitable and authoritative niche blog in the shortest time possible.

Live 1 to 1 Online Blogging Classes

Blogs have become a common and widespread means of communicating on the Web. Blogging allows individuals to share tutorials, news, and other useful information to the large audience as well as company’s uses blogging as a marketing strategy for speeding their products and services information to the target market. In this online blogging course, I will show you how to create a blog using the popular open source blogging platform word press which is currently used by millions of bloggers and also big brands like BBC, Forbes and many others are using word press.
By enrolling for this blogging course you will know that what is blogging, its scope for individual as well as for business use and how to earn by monetizing your blog, how to manage multiple blogs with your full time job or what the opportunity for full-time blogging is and how blogging can help you in your career growth and How to create your blogging authority and become popular in your industry.

Eg:check out my online presence on Google.

This blogging course is ideal for learners who want to create their own blogs online but lack the skills, knowledge, or confidence to do it and don’t know why million of people, as well as moms sitting at home, are blogging.

Summary of Overall Course:

Create a blog that stands out from the crowd, receives traffic from Google and generates money through affiliate marketing or other monetization methods.

Blogging Course Module:

Day by day divided course module:

1. How to Find a Perfect and Profitable Niche for Your Blog
2. Picking the Right Domain Name for Your Blog
3. How to Setup Your Web Hosting and WordPress Blogging CMS
4. How to Install WordPress CMS
5. How to Change WordPress Settings (Overview of all settings)
6. How to Change WordPress Themes
7. WordPress Plug-in and Which to Use
8. How to Become the Authority in any Niche
9. Creating Your About Me Page (Secrets of Attracting People)
10. Content Creation: How to Create the Content for Your Site

11. Where and How to Find Images for Your Blog (Copyright Free Images)
12. How to set up Google analytics for your blog
13. SEO: How to Rank your blog in Google Search
14. How to Rank in Google with Long Tail Keywords
15. Applying and Getting Approval for Google Adsense program
16. How to Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing
17. Creating Call-to-Actions: Getting Your Audience to Convert
18. How to use social media for Blog Traffic and Utilization
19. Social Media Tools: The Best Tools for Automation and Growth
20. Social Media Sharing: How to Get More Social Shares

21. Building a Massive and Profitable Mailing List
22. How to do Guest Blogging to Get More Exposure
23. The Importance of Blog Commenting on Other Sites
24. Creating a Guide for Your Blog and Mailing List
25. How to create and Use Infographic to Drive Traffic
26. How to Get Media Exposure for Your Blog
27. How to Interview Experts within Your Niche
28. Outsourcing: Content, Promotion and Social Media Marketing
29. How to Buy and Sell Websites and Blogs (after getting popularity)
30. How to showcase your blog to interviewer and Clients

A blog Can be used as a CV online * Words are louder than we Speak * lets others search about you!

Complete Course Fee & Payment Mode:

Only 230$ (15000 INR) for 30-day course
PayPal, Bank transfer, and Mobile Wallet

Course Medium:

Online Classes through Google Hangout OR Skype
Timing Flexible according to your comfort
Lifetime chat and email support*

The outcome of this Course:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand what actually blogging means and why people do it THE BENEFITS. You will know about different blogging platform and the difference between them and you will learn how to install open source WordPress blogging application on your server. You will understand how to use the dashboard, write your first post/article, apply a custom header, manage different categories and generate more pages. You will know how to add media and widgets to your blog. You will understand the process for deleting your blog permanently and how to view your blog traffic as well as backup and restore process and how to do SEO of your blog for better ranking in Google and multiple ways to earn from your blog.

How to Enroll:

For Newbie: if you have any question about the course feels free to contact me first.
After payment Email/Call/Whatsapp me to schedule your class.

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