Are you a busy professional?

Have no time to attend classroom training course?

Learn advanced digital marketing online over Skype/Google Hangout from an industry expert.
Complete practical training with live project example plus lifetime support over phone/email.


#1. Introduction of Digital Marketing & Its Benefits
#2. Website/Blog Creation using CMS Technology (without coding skill)
#3.Search Engine Optimization (ranking website in SERPs)
#4. Social Media Marketing & Optimization (creating personal/business brand on social media)
#5. Blogging (blogging for business, to earn money or to share your passion)
#6. Online Reputation Managment (creating positive image of your brand)
#7.Youtube Marketing & Monetization (learning youtube to earn)
#8. Email Marketing (using mass/bulk email marketing, and automated email marketing)
#9. Affiliate Marketing (a widely used technique to earn money from anywhere)
#10. Google Adsense (get approved Google Adsense account to monetize your blog/site)
#11.Google Adwords (Google’s PPC pay per click program)
#12. Freelancing (guidance to get started as a freelancer)
#13. Google Analytics (learn to analyze your site/blog visitors)
#14. Mobile Web Marketing
#15.Google Search Console (google webmaster tool)
#16. E-commerce Marketing (learn how to start a portal to sell anything)
and many more…

Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing: Become an In-Demand Professional. … There are numerous digital marketing jobs predicted in coming years and not enough digital professionals to fill them as well as if you have digital marketing skill you can start your own business or online source of income using blogging and affiliate marketing.
This provides those studying digital marketing with a unique competitive advantage – you’re gearing yourself up for a career where demand exceeds supply. Always a good move.

Online Training Course Fee is 18K Only which you can pay for 2 Installment*.

2 Months (after that lifetime support available over chat & email)

Google Adwords and Google Analytics certification and A certificate from our institute (Click Perfect™ – Digital Marketing Training Institute) (certificate will be sent to your mailing address after completion of the course)

You Must have Laptop & Internet Connection (if you use the internet and have the passion to do something or want to be free from 10-06 job.  you can learn. (no previous technical skill required)

shamsher khan – a digital marketing expert having more than 6 years of experience in industry trained more than 1000 students including professionals & business owners from India as well as other countries.


To Know more about trainer and trainees feedback: TRAINER FEEDBACK & INSTITUTE REVIEWS


Note: if you have already done this course from somewhere but still have no clue how to start or confused to use digital marketing technique to earn money or to promote your business You can Still Learn. it is completely Practical to fulfill your learning purpose.

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