I Help People learn Digital Marketing to Increase Business leads, Sales & Brand Presence.

In industry since 2011 and have trained more than 2000 people including college graduates, working professional to learn and start career in digital marketing industry, and more than 100 clients with their online visibility and Ads ROI.


Digital Marketing Training & Consulting

digital marketing training


Realize the potential of digital marketing skill in the current global market; learn and create smart earning stream before you get busy in other things. Everyone having digital marketing skill has side income or an online business. Why You Don’t?

Digital Marketing Training

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internet marketing consulting


I can help you with a range of digital marketing & website conversion consulting services that will be quite beneficial for you to increase your business presence in the search engines & on the web, and will increase traffic, sales and conversion. Discuss Today!

Digital Marketing Consulting

Internet Marketing is the Future of Marketing and business

Internet marketing is a must learn skill for everyone! irrespective of their job profile, age and educational background.

Students can start earning part time to pay their tuition fee and other expenses with the help of digital marketing.

Housewife and Jobless moms can start earning from blog, affiliate marketing, article writing or from YouTube.

Business owner can increase their business visibility, search engine ranking,  leads, sales and business revenue.

Learning Digital Marketing will help you gain a skill-set that is quite beneficial for your career at all stage of your life – start with a full-time job or earn as a freelancer from home or start your own online/offline business.
It is up to you to pick what sort of Digital Marketer you want to be; or how you would like to utilize your skills as per your creative ability,  financial and career requirements. Possibilities are wide open!

What People are Saying...

I attended a workshop in IIT Madras on Digital Marketing, it was a good learning experience.  these technical yet interesting subject which was made quite simple during the course.

Indrani Mukherjee Student, IIT Madras

His internet marketing strategy is superb. this guy is beyond expectations… looking forward to work with you long term for oneworldnews.com”

Parvin Narain Aggarwal,  Editor, One World News

He got serious knowledge and practical experience, his lessons are interesting, well built, structured and easy to understanding with bunch of practical details. We were very satisfied by knowledge we have got and definitely recommend Shamsher!

Andrii Storozhuk Travel Blogger, Ukrain

He is very cooperative and always ready to help as I was working full time and learning online through skype. Due to my working hours, I wasn’t able to attend classes on the time but he was very Cooperative with the timings.”

Mohsin Abbasi,  Marketing Manager, Aakash Institute




I am a digital marketing strategist, consultant & trainer having more than 6 years of experience. helping
 students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners increase their earning with job skill-set, freelancing career,  website traffic and lead generation using various search engine marketing, online advertising & social media marketing.
I have delivered Digital Marketing Workshop in Educational Institutions like IIT Delhi, Delhi University, IIT Madras, ITS Ghaziabad and UDAAN NGO and many more… Let’s Talk Now

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Digital Marketing Training
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Online PR & Advertising Campaigns
Wordpress CMS & Website Development
Strategic Business Branding
Bulk Email Marketing

I’m available to Speak at DM Business Events, Seminar/Workshop in University & Institutions

Speaking at IIT Delhi SEO and Social Media Workshop (4) 

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google certified professional

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Beginner Guide To Amazon Affiliate Program

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Before you jump into an affiliate program, always take the time to understand how an affiliate program actually works. In essence, this program is extremely simple; all it really relies upon is the promotion. 


With the help of this eBook, you can find out more about the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program and find out more about how you can start using it today!

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  1. shamsher khan

    Well written guide for beginner

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Ultimate Picture Guide to Create a WordPress Website

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Creating a website or blog of your own for any purpose, be it a small business or large enterprise, could be too technical a task for many. learn step by step how to create a website without coding or tech skill.


The Ultimate Picture Book Guide to Creating a WordPress Website.” this step-by-step tutorial book will help you to create any kind of website and blog without any technical skill.

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  1. shamsher khan


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